The White Light!


Well, it seems no matter where I look the white light of love is everywhere. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. I have been doing a lot of spiritual work lately. Everything from self help reading about positive attraction, books on Angels, spirituality, psychic abilities, etc…Today, I watched a recorded Oprah about a little boy who attacked his mother. It was a riveting story about a little boy who was diagnosed with mental illness, after years of problems with mood swings, aggressive behavior, and anger issues. The thing that got me is that he is using the technique of surrounding himself with the white light to keep him from the negative energy that makes him do negative things (his words ). I was shocked! Really, funny how when, I set myself on a path, it seems everywhere I look, I see the same messages over and over again. Every book, I have been reading, every show on TV, every time I try to investigate some new idea, to help myself grow. The answer lately, with out fail, is surrounding yourself with the white light and keep all thoughts positive! Sorry, just had to share. I think some one is trying to tell me something. Just kidding, I get it and have been working on it. I can honestly say for me it is working very well! I think I was shocked, that it would also work with people with mental illness, but very happy it does. Makes me wonder how powerful is this thing?

Okay, skip over, no work yesterday, been reading mostly. Tried a few times to focus on drawing or even crocheting ( I did manage to start a crochet project, but not what I wanted). So, now today, it looks cold and dark and gloomy, I will do my best to try again, or as the little boy from Oprah says, “Don’t try, just do!” So, off I go to do something, and what ever I do will be what I am meant to do. End of that!

No big lottery win. Just saying. It is all good, I know it will arrive one day, the fleet of ships I am waiting for! The day it does, this life of mine will be explosive, for now I continue to work hard and prepare myself for that day! Sending out my love to you and all you love, sincerely, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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