Answers To Questions!


Well, another busy day! Just got in and so much more to do today. I ran a few errands, got a line up on a new gallery to check out. Loaded up the car and went to the gallery, and they were not open today. The neighbor gave me the phone number and I will call back in the next few days to set up a good time to stop in. So, that is possibly an answer to what am I going to do with all this artwork?

Beyond that, I have been obsessing about the move in the next few months. My lease is up and I am planning on moving in with a friend to conserve money(which in my case means, pay off some bills). My concern was how to maintain business from my new address. Where I live now I have Charter internet, I have been very happy with their service. The internet I have is very fast, rarely down and makes it so much easier to maintain, my blogs, shops, facebook, e-mail and twitter. The lost time in slow internet and dial up is priceless to some one like me, who always has a thousand things to do. Every lost minute here and there on the computer, costs me hours in a hectic day! My friend lives in an area where cable does not go, and dial up is not for me!

Anyway, while we were out, we decided to grab a bite to eat, and I had the pleasure of meeting a man in the restaurant. We were at one table, and I noticed him playing around on something(thought it might be an IPad), and could not help but wander what it was and if he had internet. I have been thinking about cards( I think that is what they call them), you plug it into your laptop and it hooks you to wireless. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do to get internet access. I finally walked over and introduced myself, and asked him if he was on the internet. He answered, “Yes.” At this point he proceeded to show my his IPad( I was right), super compact and cute! Then he explained the two ways to get it internet connected. One way is direct with purchase at Bestbuy, the other is a small device that can provide wireless for up to 5 devices. Well, thank you so much to Bruce Thomas( very nice and helpful man!), you have helped me make my decision about internet. Thank fully, the universe has been listening to my common thought lately about internet and has provided a wonderful answer(outside of the boxes I was looking in), Yay! So, I will be saving my pennies, I am determined to own this wonderful little IPad and get her online ready to do my business. Funny thing, must be theme week, I watched a DVR of Oprah too, this week and she had MC Hammer on and he was showing a new IPad cover case to keep it from breaking, that also, flips into a keyboard.So, now I have that answer, and if the cards are right, in the next few days my art will once again be in a gallery and another answer will be provided for! Wish me luck!

Now, nothing new in lottery news for me anyway. I know there have been a few big payouts lately, for those lucky folks, CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing them all the best on their winnings, and that they find wise guidance, and unlike so many winners, stay wealthy for a long time to come! To all of you checking out my blog today, wishing you the best of luck and hoping all of you dreams come true and answers to all your questions come to you quickly and happily ASAP! I truly meant that, even if you are trying to win the lottery and start an art business, it is not about competition. It is about everyone finding their happy place here on earth! Good Luck! Stay Safe! Have a wonderful night! Sending you all my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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