New Pictures, Yes The Art I Promised!

Okay, I am back. It really has been a while, again. Been so busy working on art, all has fallen behind. I admit it, I am addicted to making art! You know how hard it is to keep an addict away from their addiction. Not sure how long the blog will be, can’t decide4, because I finally uploaded all my new stuff, and it is quite a bit of pictures. Okay, here are some new paintings I made to replace sold items.

Now to go with these, I made a big one to go with as well. Once they were all hung together, I decided that it would look better with another small one. I have a picture of the big one, but as I am looking, I now realize that I must get pictures of the other small one. Guess I will have to update you later on that one. Here is the big one, I believe (since it is at the gallery and not here), it is a 16″ x 20″ canvas. All of these are done in acrylics, very tedious, but so much fun to make. They are also very time consuming, about one day for each small one and three days on the big one.



Hope you like them. I love them, so colorful and just fun to look at. I do have more pictures to share, but since it is late, I am going to save them for tomorrow.

So far no big lottery win. I am still waiting for my turn. For all of you who have been lucky enough to win a large lottery, go you! Happy for you, and hoping it sticks with you, nothing sadder, than seeing some one win, than in a few years they are broke again. This is going to be a great year, that is my vote anyway, lots of love to you all, diana

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