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Happy Days Are Here Again!

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Well, just got in. Left work a little early to have a apinting framed. Quiet day at the gallery, just a couple of people, no sales. Slow time of year for sure. Ready to eat something and get to work painting. Not sure if I am planning on working on the Mermaid, ,might just wait on that, until I am sure what I am doing. Thinking about a Sunflower one again, a part 2 of the Big One!

Just checked my lottery, not a millionaire yet, but hey, tomorrow is another day and another drawing. Never can tell what tomorrow will bring.

Driving home tonight, I was remembering making noodles with my grandmother as a child. It is such a cool memory, and so different by today’s standards. I remember her rolling out all that dough, spreading flour on it, rolling it out to a paper thin sheet. No fancy rolling machines for! Then she would lay out this huge sheet on her bed to dry out. It had to be four feet, in a huge circle. Then the next morning, my sisters and I would her by making the noodles. She would cut some for a dumpling style noodle, and we had the fun job, She cut others into squares or like a diamond shape. She had this board with ridges in it. We took the noodle laid it out on this board, and with a wooden stick (round and short and thinner than a chop stick), we would press down on the noodle and roll it across the board. It made a tubular noodle with ridges down the center. The top and bottom were not ridged, but made a point. Every day grandpa had to have home made chicken soup. So, every day grandma went out to the yard (they lived on a farm), and she killed a chicken, we had to help her pluck it. Then she made the soup, fresh meat, fresh noodles, it was the best ever! Thinking to myself, I really want to make those again someday. Nothing can compare, I guess that is why I do not like a lot of soups, tastes like water to me. Lost the thrill at an early age, once you have had the best it is hard to go back.

Anyway, just thought I would share. Not so sure how many of you have that memory. A little different from the usual American childhood, I guess. Surprise me, I would love to know if anyone else has a similar memory. Lots of the fancier restaurants now a days are bringing the whole fresh noodle back again. So, clearly I am not the only one to appreciate this delicacy. Another new picture is posted hope you like it. Sending out my love to you as always, hoping you are having a great day! diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Here We Go Again!

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Should I say, been busy? Getting a little redundant. So, how about we do not state the obvious? Can’t wait to win the lottery jack pot. I need a laptop, and some really good wireless internet. That way I can take this with me to work and get everything done in a more timely manner! So the groups I am involved with are growing exponentially, and been really busy with promoting the new blog, plus we have started a Facebook page as well for group meetings. Getting ready to work on a painting I started last week, and then start a new one I have been envisioning for a couple of weeks. After that is done, time to do another sunflower painting, a little smaller than the Gorgeous Sunflower painting, I already comp0leted. I appears there are a lot of fans of this piece of work, yet the price is making them weary. So, rather than cheapen my many weeks of work on that one, making a few smaller ones should do the trick!

Business at the gallery is poor. No customers to sell to. Makes the day really long, especially when I have so much to do here. Makes it really hard to want to leave the house. My blogs is falling way behind, the shops are just pitiful, nothing in them really, and no time to promote. So, needless to say, no sales! That sucks, especially when you consider I pay for those shops. There has to be a better way to get all of this done, I think a new laptop is the answer to my prayers, oh, and while I am at it a new car would be genius! Hope the universe is paying attention, hint, hint, hint.  can say I am feeling great. I made some new friends and connections through my job. Hopefully some of those will lead to sales, and one is possibly leading to me finally having my own web page! In the end it is all a trade off at this point. My goal, to not have to trade off, just get it all done! Wish me luck!

Got to say time is a ticking, and it appears a moving day is approaching fast on the horizon. I will miss this place a lot. Just feels like home to me. But, money is not flowing enough for me to reach my goals, guess once again, I am left with a trade off. See what I mean, too many of those for me. The good news, I am thankful for having the bills paid, money coming in, all the opportunities that have come my way, for a great life, a wonderful family, awesome friends, varied talents and a good mind! That is not all, but enough to share! Snowing here today, roads are rough, weather is cold, so today is an art day for me. I am ready for it too!

You may have guessed already, I have not won the jack pot yet, but am sure it is on its way! I am hoping you are having a glorious new year so far. Where ever you are in the cold or the heat, in the sun, rain or snow, that your worries are few, and that this year is a great blessing for all of us! Nice break from the stresses of the last couple of years, for all! Sending my love to you and yours, as always, diana

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New Pictures, Yes The Art I Promised!

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Okay, I am back. It really has been a while, again. Been so busy working on art, all has fallen behind. I admit it, I am addicted to making art! You know how hard it is to keep an addict away from their addiction. Not sure how long the blog will be, can’t decide4, because I finally uploaded all my new stuff, and it is quite a bit of pictures. Okay, here are some new paintings I made to replace sold items.

Now to go with these, I made a big one to go with as well. Once they were all hung together, I decided that it would look better with another small one. I have a picture of the big one, but as I am looking, I now realize that I must get pictures of the other small one. Guess I will have to update you later on that one. Here is the big one, I believe (since it is at the gallery and not here), it is a 16″ x 20″ canvas. All of these are done in acrylics, very tedious, but so much fun to make. They are also very time consuming, about one day for each small one and three days on the big one.



Hope you like them. I love them, so colorful and just fun to look at. I do have more pictures to share, but since it is late, I am going to save them for tomorrow.

So far no big lottery win. I am still waiting for my turn. For all of you who have been lucky enough to win a large lottery, go you! Happy for you, and hoping it sticks with you, nothing sadder, than seeing some one win, than in a few years they are broke again. This is going to be a great year, that is my vote anyway, lots of love to you all, diana

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Car Shopping Anyone?

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Well, still staying busy. Worked at the gallery today, pretty quiet, made a couple of small sales, hoping for more this week for sure. Anyway, just a note to you all out there with online shops. The scammers are at it again. I got an e-mail from some one on my Zibbet store, he was inquiring about one of my paintings. He requested I send him a money request and from there it got crazy. The good news is I learned how to do that. I had never done a request for payment in Paypal, so I learned something that will most certainly come in handy in the future! Very cool, guess that is how people sell on Facebook and other such sites, good to know. Anyway, back to my buddy, he starts with how much he loves the painting. Then how he is a collector, and is a sailor. From there, it is how he is at sea, and if he sends me extra money, will I pay for the storage for this painting. I check out the address for shipping, it is UCLA, yeah, the university. Whatever, I took back the money request and sent him an e-mail declining his offer to purchase. So, just a note to be wary, they are up to getting money from every venue possible. Spread the word, and keep your heads clear.

As for the lottery, tonight is a drawing, and I am certain to be winning soon. So this evening, I spent going online and picking out the cars, yes plural, I am going to buy, and shopped for one for my youngest as well. The oldest child of mine I think is good for vehicles, she may need some down payment for a home or business. Anyway, the cars are picked, down to the colors and extras. Now it is time for me to decide where I want to live, coastal, I am pretty sure, and need to be close to a good gallery for me as well. If anyone has any pointers, would love to hear them. Give me an idea, where you think my art would do well. I mean it is selling here, and this is no big city! Would love to hear your thoughts!

Been working on some new art, hopefully this weekend while I am off, I can spend some time downloading everything to give you some more good art. Hoping your New Year is off to a great start. I think this is going to be a great year, for me for sure. I do hope it is even greater for you! Sending out my love to you all, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Happy New Year!

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Well, it has been a crazy ride for me. The ending of the previous year brought a lot of great things for me. I have sold quite a few paintings in the last few weeks, so I have been busy filling the empty spaces on the wall of the gallery. When not working at the gallery, and bringing my work with me, I was working at home. But, the wall has made progress, and the spots I wanted filled are almost where I want them to be. It has been great! I am hoping this new year, and when season picks up again, in spring or summer, that sales go really well. Of course, that all depends on whether the gallery is still available or not. I am confident however, that even if that venue fails me, that many other doors will open, so I can further my success in this career. I am so happy with the turn of events that finally brought me here.

Now, as for the lottery, I had a few small takes at the end of the year, and am ready to bring in the final big check this year! I have not given up, and feel more hopeful than ever. Life is good, and I am planning on it being better. I fell success and wealth are only the beginning of my adventure for the rest of my life. So, I spend my time working hard on my art, at my sales, and on myself. For me, concentrating on losing cigarettes is one goal, and getting more fit is another. For my spirit self, it is all about becoming myself again. High spirited, happy, forgiving and kindness will become the forefront of all thoughts for me. It is a daily process, after spending so much time being sucked into the negative edges of life, it is time for the sun to shine again.

I have lots to do today as usual, but felt it was time to wish you all a wonderful new year, full of joy, hope and happiness, but mostly love! I do hope that no matter your religion, or ethnic background, that your holidays were bright, and full of gratitude and love for all your loved ones. I wish for you a year full of prosperity and new horizons. In short I wish nothing less for you than I wish for myself! Good will to all, and blessings abundant!

I am also posting some new artwork for you to see, still have not had time to download, new things. I really have been busy, but soon, I hope to be able to really download quite a few new items.  I do hope you enjoy it, you know, I changed my mind. I am going to post the latest sale on here for you to enjoy. It really is a fun painting, and a wonderful couple from Louisiana purchased it. so hoping you enjoy it as well. Sending out my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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