Adventures In The Smokies!

Off we go on another adventure in The Smokies. Going back just about a week, the adventure begins on Saturday. I was leaving the Gallery and when I went to warm up my car, it would not start. It would click, not a series of clicks, just one click and then nothing. Over and over I tried to get her to start, but she was not having it. Two different people tried to jump start her for me, but no go. I called a friend of mine, and she was amazingly on her way that direction anyway, which was not ordinary at all. I called my boyfriend and after no answer for several tries, I finally got a call back from him. He was unable to answer, because his boss called to let him know, his shift at work had been canceled ( good thing too, because calling in to work is next to criminal, could lead to firing, very severe policies)! I texted another girlfriend as well to let her know my dilemma.

So the first girl friend shows up like two hours later, and it is cold temperatures are dropping and the snow is beginning to fall. We try to jump start her again, no avail. SO, off to my home to pick up my boyfriend, and off to the auto parts store for help. The man in the store seems to think it is a short, and my boss thought it was the solenoid. Back to work we go to find the short, one bare wire was found near the starter, we taped it up and still she would not start. The time is after nine pm, and we are all cold and tired and hungry, so we decide to call it a night. So, we go and spend the night at a hotel, my girlfriend works there and was forced to stay the night due to severe weather approaching, and her boss not wanting anyone to call in the next morning.

The nest morning we got up and went back to the auto parts store and purchased the solenoid for the car. We drove back to my stranded baby, and jumped the solenoid, and low and behold she started right up. After dropping off my friends car we returned home and he replaced the solenoid. She ran great!

Jump forward to this weekend, last night she started giving me grief, I went to start her up, and at first crank, just a click again. My heart dropped, I cranked her again, and she started right up. Well, that got me going, so I wondered, if the starter was also bad. Back to the auto parts store we go. The guy at the counter affirms my fears and says, normally they recommend you change both, well better late than never, right? So, I buy the starter and off we go. She is starting fine, and we decide it can wait till my day off, which is Sunday! She ran great last night and even this morning. At lunch my other friend, whom I had texted the week before, shows up at work and says she got my text that the car was not starting, too funny, I explained that was last Saturday, not today! So, she stayed and hung out for the afternoon, and when I am getting ready to go, I went out to start my car, take a guess what. you got it, she would not start, over and over I tried and she was not cranking. So, this girl friend offers to take me to the house to retrieve my boyfriend so he can fix the starter. On the way back to my car, my boss calls and he has found some one to fix the starter. We get back to the shop, and like 20 minutes later, she starts up like a charm! It was an adventurous day, and I laughed through it all, I had more fun today, than I have had in ages. Good news, my boss paid for the labor and I got to hang out with my girl. Plus I met two really nice people! The man who fixed the car came with his wife, and it turns out she is a landscape painter. I told her to bring some of her stuff to the gallery, if it is good, we could finally have another new artist to showcase. All and all, a great day, anyway, no news on the lottery just yet. Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend, where ever you are. Sending out my love as always, hoping your holidays are safe and beyond your wildest dreams, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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