More New Art!

Well, let’s try this again. Was almost finished with this post when the internet went bust! Not even sure if I can really replicate it, but I will do my best, lost everything I was writing. Anyway, as promised I am posting some of the new art I have been working on lately. I hope you love it. It has been hectic at times, but it is so energizing and exciting to be able to work on some thing I love l=so much. In the pictures of art, I am also enclosing some pictures of the wall I am trying to fill at the gallery. It has been a challenge, putting it up and selling it as I go along. I haven’t had tons of sales, but it has been promising. There have been four small sales of tiny canvases, plus one bigger canvas, a couple of prints. It has been a lot of fun, and very uplifting and exhilarating to see them go out the door. It has also made my schedule really busy trying to fill the empty spaces in the gallery, and in double because as I fill them, they seem to to be leaving too! It has been such a precious opportunity to be in a gallery and to see my artwork appreciated. For those of you interested in purchasing anything from the items I post, please fell free to contact me here or through and of my stores. As yet, there has not been time to post these items yet or update my shops. With any luck today or tomorrow, I will try to make time to do so. If not do not be disappointed, I will be happy to give you any information on these items, such as size, media, prices and shipping availability and costs.

Now, also, I was contacted yesterday from Baobao bags about the new artist contest. It is finally my turn to have my art posted on their site. If you could it would be great to have you go to the link and vote for me. It would be an honor and a wonderful opportunity to have the exposure. As soon as I find out it is up, I will post the link here for you. It is a simple process, and will only take maybe a minute or two of your time, literally. They have a wonderful, quick and efficient process. Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend, mine has just begun, since we are open on Saturday. So much to do today.

Another small win on the lottery yesterday, hoping for the big deal soon. I am ready to explode, so many good things around me now. Money is starting to flow. Hope is surrounding me, prospects of a wonderful future and new beginnings! Well, time to get busy working, still have to go to the store, and finish laundry, dishes, and finally work on some art to take to work on Tuesday! Wishing you the best for the weekend, and as always sending out my love to you and the ones you love, be blessed, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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