New Day, New Perspective!

Getting tired already, another week begins. This week also starts the holiday season for many people in this country as well. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the gallery. My boss, the owner of the gallery is of the firm opinion that the Christmas shopping spree seen so dramatically in the retail business, is not so exciting in the gallery business. I am hoping he is wrong this time! Anyway, been busy catching up with my shops this weekend, deleting things I have sold in the gallery and updating some things in others as well. I have some new items I posted in my Zazzle store, excited to see if that helps sales. I have done a few more paintings this weekend and made some prints to take to the gallery with me this week. Excited about that too!

I fell in love with a painting I did of Lily of the Valley, my favorite flower. It is so cute, I hate to sell it, but money is still a need so, sell it must. My favorites always seem to be everyone else’s favorites as well. Guess I will have to let it go!

Also new for me lately, been very busy working on myself and letting things go. Everything fro the past, to the little things that really affect me day to day. I am learning, that all I need to be worrying about is keeping myself on track spiritually, that is the number one priority. With that will come my art  and also, focusing more on my physical health and wellness. It is time, too many years letting life take over me, now it is time to take over my life! I did my tarot cards today,and other than minor hiccups it looks like a very good week for me. Lots of good cards pointing to wealth from hard work, unexpected money ( maybe the lottery is coming!), and spiritual strength. All good, means I am on track, one warning for the week, not to be casual spending money. So, not much of a Thanksgiving planned, no cash and only one day off. I mean it is retail in a sense at a gallery. I do not want to spend that one day cooking and being for two people. I would rather work on art and enjoy a quiet day with my guy. I am sure he will like it too, working seven days a week can take its toll. I am hoping he gets at least two days off, even though it will be tight financially. I know he needs some rest and down time, he has earned it!

Well, happy that things are slowing moving in the direction, I had hoped. Excited about where things may go, my artwork on Baobao bags is not posted yet, so I guess it will appear next week. I will alert you, in the hopes that you find it in your heart to vote for me. I would be honored and thrilled to have my art on the public market. We shall see how it goes. I do know, that no matter what, if they offer it again, I will apply and hope that one day I can have that honor. I do hope your week has started out happily and that it gets even better towards the end! Sending out my love to you all, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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