Sunday Break!

Well, today I am off. Totally ready for a break from work at the gallery and overwhelmed at all the work I face the next two days at home. i have a lot of painting to do, lots of laundry, grocery shopping, bills to pay, prints to be made and a trip to the frame shop to frame everything and to get other things matted and covered for sale at the gallery. So much to do in such a short time. Tuesday is only a breath or two away! I feel like I have to get ahead as much as possible today and tomorrow, because Christmas shopping will peak in a week, if we actually see any of that peak at an art gallery remains to be seen. I am sure it is not like regular retail  sales, most people do not have art on their Christmas lists, but hopefully enough of them do to make a buck or two, before the winter slump in sales arrives!

I forgot, I need to get some blood work done as well, that should have been done weeks ago, time just got away from me. I hope the hospital will still honor the prescription, I am sure it is over a month old now. Been s busy I forgot all about it. One way or another it has to be dealt with, oh well. So, I am hoping you all are getting ready for the Thanksgiving weekend, I am ready for the extra day off. I do not think I can afford to go out to eat, and doubt I will use that extra day off to cook and bake all day, not that I have the cash to buy the food to do it with. It will probably be just a quiet day at home, watching movies and working on more art. Maybe even some time on the computer, been missing blogging and tweeting and updating my shops. Once winter gets here I should be able to balance it all, I wish I had been better prepared for an art gallery opportunity, I feel like it has really cut into all my work online, and the holidays is the time to make the money. I wish I could clone myself, I am working very hard on letting myself feel overwhelmed. I just stay focused on one thing at a time, otherwise, I may feel anxious and not get anything done!

Other updates, no big news on the lottery, a small win on Friday like $40. I did go to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows on Friday night. It was really good, but as always, I walked away wishing I could have seen the whole thing. Not sure when the second half is coming out, but can’t wait to see it or to own the video. I sold one of my small pieces of art this week, have to run now and delete it from my stores online. Love you all, hoping your day is blessed and that you have a warm holiday weekend planned, love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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  1. one can argue that it can go both ways

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