Drug Madness And Mayhem!



Feeling a little sad and wondering why people are so inconsiderate. Had a good day, no big sales, not a lot of customers, my boss was bad and forth. One minute ready to blow like a volcano and the next happy and joking around. All in all, an okay day. Just got home, ready to relax, when the phone rings. One of my best friends called me, very upset and angry. A little background may help explain.

I met her not long after I moved to this area, she was working at a job I had just gotten hired on at. It was a retail store, money not so great, but lots of hours, sometimes massive overtime, so it was do-able. When I met her, she was the sole bread earner in her family. Her husband had been diagnosed disabled by physicians, due to a serious back injury. Not surprising the government did not agree, so while they fought Social Security in the courts to get him an income, she worked really hard to try to support him and four children. Now, as you may have already guessed, she was not getting ahead, but slowly falling behind. No matter how many overtime hours we got at work, it was not enough money to go around, especially with a family of that size. Her oldest children worked part time, while they went to high school, and did what they could to contribute. Finally a settlement was given and he was able to contribute to the income, however by then they were so far behind that she is still trying to get things caught up.

With many things passed by for the sake of keeping it short, we arrive at today. She goes home from work and finds that her home was broken into while she was at work, and what few valuable belongings she has, are now missing. Some one broke into the house while she was away and relieved her of her valuables. Not a great way to ens a day, especially when you can’t just run out and replace it. This saddens me, I cannot even explain how sad it makes me. She is a good person, with a huge heart, one of the last people to deserve this kind of treatment, and the fact that she is so broke multiplies it! So tonight, no matter what I planned to blog about, I am sending out a shout out. To all of you, who choose to do drugs (she has suspects in mind, young people hooked on pills), I personally do not care to tell you how to live your life. If popping pills is what you think life is all about (although I think that is really sad), go on and do what you feel. However, pay for your habits the honest way. It is not the rest of societies obligation to support you and your habits. Sell your own things if you must, and when you have nothing left, get a job and work to support your habit, or QUIT if you are unable to pay for it. A struggling single mom and two 10 year old twins should not have to do without, for you to get a fix!

To anyone else, please excuse my out burst this evening. It is so sad to me, that at this time of year when we all should be in a mood to give to those we love, and to those who has less, that some one who is in need, has to pay. Send all your good thoughts out to my friend, that blessings come her way, that all that was lost will be returned, this would make me so very happy. Sending out my love to all of you who read my blog, lovingly, diana












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