It’s Off To Sleep I Go!

Well, I am pooped! Today was long, longer than I anticipated to be. It seems that all my days for a while will be so, unless something short of a miracle occurs. I now have to drive my significant other to work, that is another four hours a day lost, which gives much less time to accomplish my goals, or much less sleep! I have not decided which just yet. I am sure it will be a day by day, play by play. Only time will tell, but it is going to take some adjusting for sure. Funny how that happens, it has taken me about two weeks to adjust to the new job, and trying to juggle all my artwork and house work. I finally seemed to be getting used to it, and now another adjustment awaits, too funny. Hey, what is the point of getting comfortable any way, I find it highly overrated ( and I say that only because, I have never had that opportunity). Well, no sales today, not good when you are straight commission, but tomorrow is another day. I am thinking with this newest turn of events, that I may just have to find a way and a place to set up at work and do artwork. It may be the only way I will be able to juggle things. Who knows, maybe it will be a blessing in disguise and people will stop in and see me working and be inspired to buy!

So, I did receive an e-mail from the contest I entered telling me that it was starting on the first of November. However, when I went to check it out, my picture was not there, so I wrote them back and in answer found out it is in four phases, by order of signing up. Since I do not know what number I am, or what number they are on, I can only keep checking phase by phase. When mine does show up, I will definitely let you know so you can all go and vote. This would also be a wonderful opportunity for exposure, sales and also add some variety to my art sales as well. So, keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer or what form of happy thoughts you can send my way. They are all greatly appreciated.

Today, I met a lady from Iceland, like me she is multi-talented. She says, that in Iceland because of the long winters, everyone ( yes men and women), learn to sew, quilt, crochet, knit and even paint and draw. This way they can stay busy and work through the winter. Since she moved to the U.S. she has had so many women say to her how envious they are of her, even jealous, that  she is so talented. She says, she is always confused by that notion, because in her native country everyone is. She has a hard time understanding why we Americans are not teaching our children how to fend for themselves in a more broad way as well. I guess maybe genes do count. Since my family are also immigrants from Europe, I got those genes, that help me learn so many crafts and arts as well. For those of you who may find this offensive, it is not meant as a criticism, only food for thought. One thing I do know, we are never too old to learn or to expand our horizons! Hope you had a great day, sending you my love as always, but my pillow is screaming for company, and I am not arguing. Signing out for now, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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