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New Day, New Perspective!

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Getting tired already, another week begins. This week also starts the holiday season for many people in this country as well. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the gallery. My boss, the owner of the gallery is of the firm opinion that the Christmas shopping spree seen so dramatically in the retail business, is not so exciting in the gallery business. I am hoping he is wrong this time! Anyway, been busy catching up with my shops this weekend, deleting things I have sold in the gallery and updating some things in others as well. I have some new items I posted in my Zazzle store, excited to see if that helps sales. I have done a few more paintings this weekend and made some prints to take to the gallery with me this week. Excited about that too!

I fell in love with a painting I did of Lily of the Valley, my favorite flower. It is so cute, I hate to sell it, but money is still a need so, sell it must. My favorites always seem to be everyone else’s favorites as well. Guess I will have to let it go!

Also new for me lately, been very busy working on myself and letting things go. Everything fro the past, to the little things that really affect me day to day. I am learning, that all I need to be worrying about is keeping myself on track spiritually, that is the number one priority. With that will come my art  and also, focusing more on my physical health and wellness. It is time, too many years letting life take over me, now it is time to take over my life! I did my tarot cards today,and other than minor hiccups it looks like a very good week for me. Lots of good cards pointing to wealth from hard work, unexpected money ( maybe the lottery is coming!), and spiritual strength. All good, means I am on track, one warning for the week, not to be casual spending money. So, not much of a Thanksgiving planned, no cash and only one day off. I mean it is retail in a sense at a gallery. I do not want to spend that one day cooking and being for two people. I would rather work on art and enjoy a quiet day with my guy. I am sure he will like it too, working seven days a week can take its toll. I am hoping he gets at least two days off, even though it will be tight financially. I know he needs some rest and down time, he has earned it!

Well, happy that things are slowing moving in the direction, I had hoped. Excited about where things may go, my artwork on Baobao bags is not posted yet, so I guess it will appear next week. I will alert you, in the hopes that you find it in your heart to vote for me. I would be honored and thrilled to have my art on the public market. We shall see how it goes. I do know, that no matter what, if they offer it again, I will apply and hope that one day I can have that honor. I do hope your week has started out happily and that it gets even better towards the end! Sending out my love to you all, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Sunday Break!

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Well, today I am off. Totally ready for a break from work at the gallery and overwhelmed at all the work I face the next two days at home. i have a lot of painting to do, lots of laundry, grocery shopping, bills to pay, prints to be made and a trip to the frame shop to frame everything and to get other things matted and covered for sale at the gallery. So much to do in such a short time. Tuesday is only a breath or two away! I feel like I have to get ahead as much as possible today and tomorrow, because Christmas shopping will peak in a week, if we actually see any of that peak at an art gallery remains to be seen. I am sure it is not like regular retail  sales, most people do not have art on their Christmas lists, but hopefully enough of them do to make a buck or two, before the winter slump in sales arrives!

I forgot, I need to get some blood work done as well, that should have been done weeks ago, time just got away from me. I hope the hospital will still honor the prescription, I am sure it is over a month old now. Been s busy I forgot all about it. One way or another it has to be dealt with, oh well. So, I am hoping you all are getting ready for the Thanksgiving weekend, I am ready for the extra day off. I do not think I can afford to go out to eat, and doubt I will use that extra day off to cook and bake all day, not that I have the cash to buy the food to do it with. It will probably be just a quiet day at home, watching movies and working on more art. Maybe even some time on the computer, been missing blogging and tweeting and updating my shops. Once winter gets here I should be able to balance it all, I wish I had been better prepared for an art gallery opportunity, I feel like it has really cut into all my work online, and the holidays is the time to make the money. I wish I could clone myself, I am working very hard on letting myself feel overwhelmed. I just stay focused on one thing at a time, otherwise, I may feel anxious and not get anything done!

Other updates, no big news on the lottery, a small win on Friday like $40. I did go to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows on Friday night. It was really good, but as always, I walked away wishing I could have seen the whole thing. Not sure when the second half is coming out, but can’t wait to see it or to own the video. I sold one of my small pieces of art this week, have to run now and delete it from my stores online. Love you all, hoping your day is blessed and that you have a warm holiday weekend planned, love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Drug Madness And Mayhem!

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Feeling a little sad and wondering why people are so inconsiderate. Had a good day, no big sales, not a lot of customers, my boss was bad and forth. One minute ready to blow like a volcano and the next happy and joking around. All in all, an okay day. Just got home, ready to relax, when the phone rings. One of my best friends called me, very upset and angry. A little background may help explain.

I met her not long after I moved to this area, she was working at a job I had just gotten hired on at. It was a retail store, money not so great, but lots of hours, sometimes massive overtime, so it was do-able. When I met her, she was the sole bread earner in her family. Her husband had been diagnosed disabled by physicians, due to a serious back injury. Not surprising the government did not agree, so while they fought Social Security in the courts to get him an income, she worked really hard to try to support him and four children. Now, as you may have already guessed, she was not getting ahead, but slowly falling behind. No matter how many overtime hours we got at work, it was not enough money to go around, especially with a family of that size. Her oldest children worked part time, while they went to high school, and did what they could to contribute. Finally a settlement was given and he was able to contribute to the income, however by then they were so far behind that she is still trying to get things caught up.

With many things passed by for the sake of keeping it short, we arrive at today. She goes home from work and finds that her home was broken into while she was at work, and what few valuable belongings she has, are now missing. Some one broke into the house while she was away and relieved her of her valuables. Not a great way to ens a day, especially when you can’t just run out and replace it. This saddens me, I cannot even explain how sad it makes me. She is a good person, with a huge heart, one of the last people to deserve this kind of treatment, and the fact that she is so broke multiplies it! So tonight, no matter what I planned to blog about, I am sending out a shout out. To all of you, who choose to do drugs (she has suspects in mind, young people hooked on pills), I personally do not care to tell you how to live your life. If popping pills is what you think life is all about (although I think that is really sad), go on and do what you feel. However, pay for your habits the honest way. It is not the rest of societies obligation to support you and your habits. Sell your own things if you must, and when you have nothing left, get a job and work to support your habit, or QUIT if you are unable to pay for it. A struggling single mom and two 10 year old twins should not have to do without, for you to get a fix!

To anyone else, please excuse my out burst this evening. It is so sad to me, that at this time of year when we all should be in a mood to give to those we love, and to those who has less, that some one who is in need, has to pay. Send all your good thoughts out to my friend, that blessings come her way, that all that was lost will be returned, this would make me so very happy. Sending out my love to all of you who read my blog, lovingly, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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First Snow And Sale!

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Today was full of excitement and unexpected things. For starters, not long after I arrived at the gallery today, it started snowing! Beautiful, it was so relaxing and enjoyable to watch it fall to the ground. Being this time of year, it promptly melted. For me, it made my day, and really made me feel like the holiday s are coming swiftly. The weather forecast, the one I saw yesterday morning said the rain would pass through by noon. A little off, I am thinking, it definitely was not rain, and it lasted on and off all day long. A big surprise for everyone I talked to today.

Today I also had the opportunity to make my first sale on my own art. I will post the painting I sold. It was really funny. It was three people, two women and one man. I introduced myself, as I always do, and sent them off to enjoy the artwork. They stopped feet from me in front of the wood paintings I did and went crazy over the two sea turtle paintings I had done. One of the women turns to me and says “Funny, I just mentioned to him, when we were coming in that I wanted to find something with a sea turtle on it and here it is!” She was so excited, they asked me if I could sign it for them to her son. Which I said I would, and she asked me to enclose a business card for him and also give her one too, for future reference! I was so very happy! I have made barely any sales all week, so no money for me, and today I sold one of my own. Not a big priced item, but cash in my pocket none the less. It was a good day. I have to take the sea turtle off the storefronts tonight.

Lots to do, I have to make some more artwork for the gallery, even though I don”t have the money to frame anything or matte it. But, at least it will be ready when I have the money to do it. So, I have to get busy. I did not win the lottery last night, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for tonight! Maybe, my luck will carry through all evening.I took my vitamins and B-12 complex and some coffee to wake up. I was so beat when I came home, I needed to boost up. Now that the energy is picking up, it is time to get some things accomplished.Take care, and have a wonderful weekend, I will keep you updated on anything new or interesting that pops up, love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Hitching A Ride On The Sleepy Train!

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It’s Off To Sleep I Go!

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Well, I am pooped! Today was long, longer than I anticipated to be. It seems that all my days for a while will be so, unless something short of a miracle occurs. I now have to drive my significant other to work, that is another four hours a day lost, which gives much less time to accomplish my goals, or much less sleep! I have not decided which just yet. I am sure it will be a day by day, play by play. Only time will tell, but it is going to take some adjusting for sure. Funny how that happens, it has taken me about two weeks to adjust to the new job, and trying to juggle all my artwork and house work. I finally seemed to be getting used to it, and now another adjustment awaits, too funny. Hey, what is the point of getting comfortable any way, I find it highly overrated ( and I say that only because, I have never had that opportunity). Well, no sales today, not good when you are straight commission, but tomorrow is another day. I am thinking with this newest turn of events, that I may just have to find a way and a place to set up at work and do artwork. It may be the only way I will be able to juggle things. Who knows, maybe it will be a blessing in disguise and people will stop in and see me working and be inspired to buy!

So, I did receive an e-mail from the contest I entered telling me that it was starting on the first of November. However, when I went to check it out, my picture was not there, so I wrote them back and in answer found out it is in four phases, by order of signing up. Since I do not know what number I am, or what number they are on, I can only keep checking phase by phase. When mine does show up, I will definitely let you know so you can all go and vote. This would also be a wonderful opportunity for exposure, sales and also add some variety to my art sales as well. So, keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer or what form of happy thoughts you can send my way. They are all greatly appreciated.

Today, I met a lady from Iceland, like me she is multi-talented. She says, that in Iceland because of the long winters, everyone ( yes men and women), learn to sew, quilt, crochet, knit and even paint and draw. This way they can stay busy and work through the winter. Since she moved to the U.S. she has had so many women say to her how envious they are of her, even jealous, that  she is so talented. She says, she is always confused by that notion, because in her native country everyone is. She has a hard time understanding why we Americans are not teaching our children how to fend for themselves in a more broad way as well. I guess maybe genes do count. Since my family are also immigrants from Europe, I got those genes, that help me learn so many crafts and arts as well. For those of you who may find this offensive, it is not meant as a criticism, only food for thought. One thing I do know, we are never too old to learn or to expand our horizons! Hope you had a great day, sending you my love as always, but my pillow is screaming for company, and I am not arguing. Signing out for now, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Chapter “Madness”

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Well, I told you it was the start of a new chapter, and boy was I right on. It has been crazy. I started my new job. I am working for commission in a Gallery in Gatlinburg, The Apple Tree Gallery. It is fun, sales have been horrendous, not good for starting out. I can only hope it improves.  I am thrilled to have a job, and the opportunity to display my art as well. It has been a long road to get to this point. Beggars can’t be choosers, and I have been begging for work and an Art Gallery to put my art in for a very long time! I am hoping that soon I will get my schedule acclimated so that I may finally get to blogging more often. I really miss it! Hoping life has been very kind to you as well. My new boss, the owner of the gallery is a story teller, and I will have to share some of them with you. But, the problem is they are always in parts, he gets distracted quite easily. Once I get a full one, I will share I promise, most of them are informative and some are quite funny!

As for my temporary disappearance, I have been overwhelmed with work to do. I only hope that some of it will pay off. For now it is still costing me time and money. Keep your fingers crossed, this has been a lucky break for me, I am doing my best to make it work and work well! I leave the house around 9:30 am and do not return till 5:30 at the earliest. The rest of my time is filled with laundry, grocery shopping, house work, cooking, painting ( to put in the gallery), and jewelry making and pricing to leave in the gallery or put in the craft store ( an acquaintance of mine opened recently). Not much time for anything else, except a few hours of sleep. But, I think I am finally getting close to freeing up some time, finally! I will say that, as exhausting as it has been, it has also been quite exhilarating as well. I am really happy to be doing something that I hope will help me fulfill my childhood dreams!

Now, as for the lottery, I am afraid that has been a dry period. Like a desert, no rain to quench the thirst of all those hungry bill collectors, who haunt many of us. I only hope that one day soon, I will be able to pay them off and feel free from debt and obligation for a while. Just some time to breath in the fresh air, with no one tugging on those purse strings. I have done some more works of art and will continue to post them as I have time. I can only say I am very excited, and can’t wait for things to continue to move in a positive direction. They say hope floats, but I am water logged, from floating so long! Someone Reel Me In! Well, enough for now I think, so much to do. With any luck at all, I will have something way more interesting to share tomorrow! As always, sending my love and now some good luck to you and yours, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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