A Love Letter!

To my friends, new and old, near or far, who have in one way or another touched my heart and my life, always for the better. I miss you, in the morning when I wake, I breath the fresh morning air, and I think to my self, what are you doing right now. Did you wake up happy? What are you having to eat this morning? Are your men keeping you well, loving you kindly? Are your women making you feel special and appreciated? Are you thinking of me now too? If you are, I miss you. I miss your voice. I miss your face. I miss your love. I miss your hugs. I miss the sound of your voice and the love it sends. Mostly, I miss your smile and the joy and love it sends me!

I go through my day, and one by one you all pop in to see me. A smile, when I need it, or a word of wisdom to keep me going. You work so hard to move me on, keep me strong and holding on. You are and always will be, The Best! Your braveness in midst of adversity, your kindness in the face of grieving, your generosity in the holds of loss, is the mark not of a good friend. It is the mark of an Angel, to be able to move away from your pain and help me with mine, that is what makes you special! With selfishness overflowing in abundance in this world. I consider it an honor that you call me friend, and that God has blessed me enough to be able to call you friend.

When day falls into night, and I crawl into my bed. My last thoughts are of each and every one of you. To name all those I wish to pray for would take days, but He knows my heart. But my last prayers at night always finds me naming you. So, if you pop in today to read this post, know that it is meant for all of you who call me friend. For those of you who do not know me, remember that some where there is a friend, who thinks of you every day, even if they do not see you or talk to you that often. Know that some where there are people who love you still, and have no way to talk to you. Remember all those special people today. The ones that changed your life in even the tiniest way, because those are the ones that moved your heart. To move a heart, does not require money, it does not require ego, power or strength, it cannot be done by force of will or even a prayer. What moves a heart is simply LOVE, and a kind act, done without thought, done without expectations. It is done freely, with no strings attached, something another does not expect, it is a surprise of the smallest kind. Just a hug, a Kleenex, at the sign of tears, a word of love, when there does not seem to be any love around. A simple word that chases away fear, loneliness or grief. Some special thanks to Rhonda, Carol, Sherry, Lori, Susan, Amy, Christina, Chell, Jeff, Wade, Jeff, John, Danny, Karen and Donna (both in that special place), Stephanie, Ramona, Mom and Dad, Annie, Sandra, Tammy, Mary, Mike, Vinnie, Steve, Tina, Lynn, Lee, Grady, Sandy, Dawn, and so many more! My mind is spinning, hard to keep up with all those who touched my heart! God bless you today and everyday. May your goals for this life be fulfilled, may the angels protect you! All my love to you all listed and all of those reading, have a happy day, diana












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