Okay Take Another Spin!

Well, on Wednesday I went to a job interview. It went great, they even had me do a couple of cold calls to see if I could do the job. It was and office for an Air-conditioning service, so they were looking for some one to call customers to see if they were looking to have their units cleaned and checked. Both gentlemen who interviewed me, said I did great, I was their favorite, they even gave me their business cards to call them back if I did not hear from them by Friday! Well, Friday came along and at 3:40 pm I called them up, since I had not had any word from them or the temporary service. One of them answered the phone, and said they were at that very time discussing who they would be hiring. Could I call back later at five pm or just after. Now, I know it is Friday and most offices close at five for starters. I also know that, this answer is not nearly as positive for me as things went at the original interview. To be honest, after being out of work so long, and being given the run around at least a hundred times already, I did not call.

The first reason I did not call, is technically, I think they were new to this temporary service thing. I am supposed to be contacted by the service about work, it is not only an etiquette thing, but a policy thing. They sent me to the interview, and they call me if I get hired. I did it the first time thinking I might get a warning, prior to starting work on Monday, to get things at home in order, and not have to be rushing around last minute getting things done to go to work.  Instead, I received yet another, blow off, a kind one ( thank you for that), but a blow off none the less. Needless to say they did not call me back either. Until Monday, when I am sure they will be notifying some one, unless they have already chosen and it is some one else. I have decided, not to take it personally, when the right employment comes along, I will get the job. Until then, this one was obviously meant for some one else.

I feel like I am trapped on a game show. There is a big wheel to spin, and all the slots are filled with jobs, some are for my artist gifts, some are self-employment work, some are office jobs, some pay a lot, some pay little, some are long hours, some just part time. One slot however, says “SORRY” and that slot means no job for you. Continually this man coaxes me, come on spin again, this is your lucky spin, so I spin and every time I get the SORRY, spot on the wheel. The rules are simple too, I can only leave when I get something other than SORRY. But, no matter how times I have spun that wheel so far, all I can get is SORRY. Now, the odds are stacked against this happening, and if there were any way to bet on it, I would be rich and not have to get a job. However this is not possible, and so I must keep spinning that wheel, like a really bad re-make of Groundhog Day, with no end in sight! Lots of love to you all, got plenty of work to do, hope you are having a wonderful weekend, diana












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