1 Ulcer, 1 Neck Pain, Lots Of Work And 1 Interview To Go, Please!

Well, lots of things to do today! Never got a chance to work last night. Called a friend, I haven’t spoken to her in a while, and with out getting one word in edge wise, lost two hours of time last night. I felt after she had called and left several messages, that it was time to call her back. However, two hours on a phone wrecks havoc on my neck. A neck that has still not healed from the banquets I worked last week. I am so very sore today. I really need to invest in a speaker phone!

Beyond the neck issue, I have been taking the muscle relaxers the doctor gave me, so now my ulcer is in full bloom! I feel pain all over today. No matter what, I still need to do some work on those drawings I wanted to do, and I do have a job interview today. No time for whining, only time to look forward and do what I have to do. Feels a little daunting for me, but, one thing at a time, and some how the day will end. When I look back I will either be booking some things to do tomorrow, or I will be pleased with all I have managed to accomplish.

In lighter news, I did not win the lottery jack pot last night. I can only hope tonight will be better! I did get an e-mail from a friend of mine, she was the one who was going to see about getting my Glorious Sunflower painting in a gallery. I sent her some pictures of it last night, and she sent me back an e-mail, letting me know that she forwarded it to her friend. Keep your fingers crossed, I would be blissfully happy to know that I had any work of mine in a gallery. It has been a dream of mine fr a long time. Just the beginning of the dream of course, but it would be so nice to have it going in the right direction.

With any luck luck in the next couple of days , I will get all my jewelry priced and displays built and painted. I would like to have this stuff in another shop by Monday at the latest. It would just feel great to have all my things from around the house in businesses where I have a chance to make money, while I stay home and make more! In my ideal world, that is the beginning of my dreams. Eventually I would love to have my own shop for all my things, but one step at a time! It has been a minute since I have been able to talk to a couple of my friends (they work lots of hours and are hard to keep track of). If you peek in here at all, just wanted to say, I love you and miss you bunches (Rhonda, Chell, Lori). Hope you are all having a great week, MUAH! To the rest of you popping in, hope you are having  a beautiful day, sending you my love as always, diana












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