Hope Is On The Horizon!

Another day draws to a close, and the dawn of a new day will begin. Today, some good news,I can only hope this is the news I have long been waiting for. Only time will tell, if this is the beginning of my dreams, or just another bite to keep me going until that day. Today was a busy day, still sore from my two hard days at banqueting. My right shoulder is still causing me a lot of pain, muscle spasms haunt me and stiffness. All in all, it is to be expected, considering this is work I should not be doing. However, bills call out and money is the only thing that will quell them.

My errands today, were to deliver a book to a friend and check on shop to put my stone jewelry in. All in the hopes to start driving some income my way. I picked up the jewelry from the shop I had it stored at, and have brought it home. The next few days will be going through it all, pricing it and getting some sort of display made to set it all up in a craft store. While delivering the book, my friend asked me to get with her soon and see about putting my sunflower painting in a gallery she knows. She is friends with the curator, and thinks he would like to have it as well as any other flower paintings I can make. So, wish me luck, I would love to have a gallery to call home. I would love more to be able to make money through my art, and give my body a much needed break. It isn’t so much the damage in my neck, it is more about my inability to give less then 100% no matter the job. My body is not able to do one thing 100%, for extended periods of time. Doing art, I can break it up doing some housework, take a walk, go to the store, just mix it up. An employer expects all of you, every minute they pay you, as it should be. No whining, just good old fashioned hard work.

Yes, a couple of my friends have seen the painting, but do not feel left out. It is not finished just yet, today and tonight I hope to complete it. Artwork is funny that way, hard to put a time on it. Some pieces I breeze through in minutes or hours, others take days or even weeks. The canvas will tell you when it is done. So, I hope for tonight, but maybe she is not going to be ready. Kind of like a girl getting ready for a date. She will tell you when it is time to go!

In other news, I do have an appointment to see a dentist on Thursday morning. It will be cheaper, because I am going through a clinic, but at least the tooth will be removed. Hopefully if I have any cavities they will be taken care of as well. All depends on the cash I have, which at this point is not much. But at least I have a check coming to me on Friday. No news on a job as yet, and no jack pot from the lottery either. One day soon, all will be well, I am sure. I just have to hang in there a little longer. For the moment the clouds seem to be clearing, and I have a chance to breath, and reflect and more importantly, feel HOPE! Sending you my love, as aways, diana












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