Untarnished Bliss!

Today was a busy day. So much to do and so little time. I have been neglecting my artwork a lot lately, and I miss it very much. Once done here, I am determined to get busy. None the less, had to go into downtown Knoxville today. Last night I received two calls about work. The first call was to do two shifts, one on Friday and another on Saturday, for banquets. Guess this means, I get to make a couple of dollars this week! That is good news, the second was for me to finish in person, my online application at a temporary service. My appointment was today at 11:15 am, just got home a few minutes ago. My story for this blog will be focused on an event that transpired on the way to that interview.

We were driving along a stretch of road, nicknamed Death Highway. So named, because it is a a four lane road, with no lights for night driving, and countless blind spots. These blind spots created by the constant winding road. Closer to the city, traffic lights and street lights do appear, but the speed limit is still 45 mph or higher. As we come around the bend,a sight I have never seen before, a true shock! In the middle of the road, no median in sight, just two solid yellow lines for protection, is a sight that made me gasp and want to cry all at the same time. Here in the middle of massive traffic from both directions, with only a yellow line for protection, is an elderly gentleman, with a walker. He is walking in the center, and obviously should be wearing a wide load sigh, because he is definitely over the width of that yellow line.  I slow down the truck and gasp, looking at the traffic, I realize that a women, following him, is keeping traffic at bay. She is driving (or rolling) at a slow speed to shield this man as he walks along the center of the road. I say call 911, and realize, that she has probably done so, since she seems to be keeping an eye on him till reinforcements arrive. Now, I look at this man, surely he must be terrified beyond belief, shaken with tears confused and lost. I have seen patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia, once they find themselves in an unfamiliar place they pretty much lose it. I look at him walking, with vigor in his step and a HUGE smile on his face. Not sure if in his old age, he just wanted to do something he could have never gotten away with in his youth (some can be quite feisty at this point in this part of life). Or, if he was truly just out of it, and had a completely altered perception of his place and time. All I do know, is that whether he was just trying to get away with something, or if he had lost the cheese off his cracker, he was happy! The look on his face was like the look on a college boys face at the beach during College Week! He was walking with pep in his step, big smile spread on his face and looking at the sites around, like he was at an amusement park! At this I started laughing, it was the cutest and funniest thing I had ever seen. I know he was in danger, but not really all traffic was slowing down, to accommodate, but I swear he looked like he was having the time of his life. So, I say GO YOU! He was happy no matter what planet his brain was on, and I am sure he has been taken to his rightful place of living for now. At this point, I feel worse for the folks who had to retrieve him, I am sure they are worried sick then and now. If they are reading, all I can say is this ” Wish you could have seen his face!” you would have worried less and smiled a whole lot more.

Okay, so now on to other things, I have not as yet, won the Power ball or the Mega ball. I continue to have faith however, the year is not up yet, and hey it could be next year. For now, I am hoping for it to be this year, and enough said about that. It was a glorious fall day today, not too hot and not too cold. There was a nice breeze and I enjoyed the weather immensely. I may get on here later with a blog about how the job interview went, that was exciting too. Enough for now, sending my love to you, have a wonderful evening, and if you wish to comment, please do.  diana












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