Monday Blast!

Well, it is the beginning of a new week, and a new season too! Fall has landed and no sign of summer since it began. Today it is in the 60’s and tonight high 30’s and low 40’s, in my neck of the woods. It is looking like winter will be on the cold side this year, maybe we can even hope for some snow! Around these parts, snow is slim to none. Good news in the clan, my daughter finally started a new job today, she has been looking for five months or more. So, congratulations to her! That is one stress off my mind, hopefully this is only the beginning for me and the ones I love. With any luck at all, may this week bring lots of good news to a lot of people. That would make it a great week, in my book.

Today, I am going to the docs to see about my tooth, supposedly full price, since I do not have a job. Not sure how that works, but I will go, need things checked out for sure. When I do get to go to work, I want this to be water under the bridge. Also, I need to finish my sunflower painting, sorry guys, I know it has been a while, I have been so tired. Hopefully today and tomorrow, I will be feeling better and be able to get some work done. I am looking forward to a new project too! Also, with all the transportation problems lately, it has cut into my sleeping time and so my energy is hot. Not to mention the time I lose everyday, running here and there, hours lost everyday, it makes it hard to get things done, when you are running the roads! Today, that is over as well, I am so relieved and can’t wait to get some sleep!

Loving the cool weather so much. It is really inspiring me to do some different work, just to get into the new season. It will be exciting to see, what will develop this fall. The changes of the seasons always excites me, feeling the change in weather, brings images and colors to my mind constantly. It will be fun to see the rewards. I did submit my pictures to the contest, I mentioned last week. The pictures on my post today reflect the choices I submitted. Technically the first  one s the submission, and the rest to show more of my body of work. I sent it out this morning. The good news is, that apparently they do this every four months. It is a great way to bring in fresh blood, and new styles. Plus great for the artists, it gives them some real advertisement and notoriety. Hope fully one day, I can call myself one of them!

Ready for a  nice day to rest and get my body back on track. Sick and tired of being sleepy all the time, and not getting anything done! Time to start humping! All my love to you all, maybe I will get back later with a special blog, dedicated to some one else. Oh, and when you are done, if you can, I would love feedback on which print you think should win the vote! Love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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