Candles And Clouds!

What a peaceful day! Today it is cloudy out, one of those notorious fall days, that threatens, rain or snow, but really doesn’t do much. The wind is cool and strong, and the windows are now three quarters of the way closed. In an effort to help keep the house at a nice cool temperature, I ran to all the rooms and lit a candle. The ceiling fans are off, nice fresh air gently flowing through the curtains and the romantic glow of candles all around! It is so wonderful. After this blog session, it is off to The Dome, by Steven King, and a wonderfully hot bubble bath to complete this tranquility I feel all around me. Then it will be off to painting more on the sunflower canvas and possibly some baking. Some wonderful fall baking to fill the house with warmth and wonderful aromatic scents! I could not ask for a more perfect day!

In the news, little joke, I did not win the lottery this weekend. I do have an appointment tomorrow with the clinic to get my tooth looked at. Hopefully that will go well, and I will be on the way to recovery. Time will tell. Mental note to myself, I need to get some more candles this week, fall is really here, and I love candles in the fall and winter, helps to heat the house and makes every room smell so great!

In other news, seems all the peeps (people in my life) are having a quiet weekend as well. My phone has been quiet all day, and I am looking forward to it staying that way for the rest of the night. Rest is in order and on the schedule! I do have a few ideas for some blogs, not sure when I will squeeze them in, but seeing as I have missed some days in the past, I guess this will make up for some of them. I do hope you are enjoying the weather where you are as much as I am. If not, take faith, tomorrow is another day, and another opportunity to make it special for you!

Tomorrow, I really have to go through my prints, hopefully there will be some sunshine, and get a few together, so I can send one into the art contest I told you about earlier this week.  The deadline is tomorrow. So, I really do have to get busy. So much to do, I really need to get myself better organized, so I can make my goals happen. My new challenge for the week. I have been spreading myself way too thin. Time to accept that work may not happen as soon as I would like it to, and get busy working on the one thing that brings me joy! Working on my art and making money at it. Stick to one goal and make it happen. There are no maybes for me now,I have no choice. I have tried the conventional ways of doing work. But, because of my age and the economy, what worked before is not working now. New plans for a new day! I need to make time work for me, instead of me working to make time! I should know better, but when stress happens, logic seems to be the first thing to go. Panic sets in and rational thinking flies out the window! It is time to remake my life, the old ways are not relevant, new ways are the wave of the future. The sooner I get that stuck in my mind the better off I will be. The universe has finally beat it home, and my brain finally clicked. I get it.

Sending you my love, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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