Casualties Of The Recession!

Every where you turn any more you hear more and more stories of the recession and how it is affecting people. I find it hard to believe that no real news or help lines are available for those needing assistance. Something, pointers on how to budget, insight for what careers are still big or growing, what to do to hang on to property, how to start a home based business, education to learn how to make the most of a dollar, something to help people, something to show people that our government is still concerned about our economy. It would be nice to know that our government still understands that by saving “We the people”, is saving them too. If we fail, our government will fail too!

In every country around the world, when a society fails, and finds itself impoverished, the government of that country always finds itself at a turning point. This country was based on those kinds of people. People who were tired of being oppressed, misguided and taken for granted. You would think that some one who takes on a position in our government, should know history of governments better than the average Joe. Funny how they seem so uninterested in not only getting to know where the public stands on this issue, but trying to help us fight through this thing! It feels like the politicians made a choice to sink the ship, without worrying about the crew or passengers. Only to find out, the emergency was not so dire and the ship did not need to be sunk. So now they placate the crew and passengers, by trying to say, hey we got this worry not. In the meantime the only thing they got is dibs on the life boats!

I am thinking of starting a series of stories, of everyday people I meet. People who find themselves victims of a sinking ship, terrified, and feeling alone, while their lives spin into oblivion! Everyday people who just want a fair shake in this country, but at every turn are shoved deeper and deeper into the pits of poverty, homelessness, depression and shame. All thanks to a media and government who seem too busy worrying about everything but, the state of our nation! Watch for these stories as I am sure you may be one of those people, or you surely know many, who can relate to this. Everyone deserves to feel connected, and I am hoping this will be a way for those people to feel like they are not alone, and that we together can band together and start making some change for the good in our own lives. Common goals can join people in a movement to change our country, and breath life back into an economy that lies at deaths door! A kind of resuscitation of our financial freedom!

Hoping you are having a great weekend, I am. No matter what, I am not selling my smile out for nothing. Sending out my love to you again, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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