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A New Chapter!

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It has been a while. I have been relentlessly busy and have had no time to much of anything but work. The good news is I have a job, sales, in a gallery! This is great news, because, even though I am only commission (business is slow), I am finally able to have a platform for my artwork! I am excited, so I work there during the day, and in the evening it is all about housework, artwork, laundry, cooking, baking, shopping and paying bills. Tonight will be more of the same, with a quick peek in, on my blogs to update and add a post. I am working hard on getting some art together that will fill the needs of the clientele in this area. Everyday, I work on one thing after another, and with any luck at all, I will find my niche. People seem to like landscapes of the area, and flowers, or wildlife,. Flowers I can do, so I need to build an inventory of that, while also, working on learning landscapes, and going back to my roots as a child and making some wildlife themed works as well.

Things have been really hectic, but I am happy and excited about the prospects ahead of me. I am hoping this is finally the break I am looking for. Recently, one of the ladies I met at the craft show also opened up a craft shop in town. So, on top of everything else, I am building some jewelry displays for her shop as well. Once the displays are ready, I will be able to set up my jewelry in her shop to sell. Lots of things going on, and I am tired a lot, but really exhilarated as well. In essence, I am apologizing for anyone, who really does follow me for the delay in postings, and asking for some more time to get things in order. With any luck after this week, things should calm down a bit. Once the jewelry has a home, and I have some works to display in the gallery, things should slow a little bit. I will continue to be busy of course, trying to keep up with things. Crazy as it sounds, I hope really busy, because that will mean I am getting sales and finally making an income of my own. All dreams of mine in the works, if you do follow you know this already.

Now, as per my lottery winnings, there is nothing new to report as of late. Things have been quiet for a while now. Probably, because so much else is happening right now. My goal to win has not abated, however. Wishing every one of you the best of luck in your own lives. I miss doing the blog, and will pop in as much as possible to keep you updated and to just send my love. One more great update to share, about the car problems from a couple of months ago. She is running great, and the auto repair shop owner, ended up not charging me at all for their time and effort! Great shop and wonderful man, I hope that his business continues to grow and prosper! He is well deserving of it! Sending you my love, time to run and work until my eyes droop, as always wishing you the best, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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A Love Letter!

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To my friends, new and old, near or far, who have in one way or another touched my heart and my life, always for the better. I miss you, in the morning when I wake, I breath the fresh morning air, and I think to my self, what are you doing right now. Did you wake up happy? What are you having to eat this morning? Are your men keeping you well, loving you kindly? Are your women making you feel special and appreciated? Are you thinking of me now too? If you are, I miss you. I miss your voice. I miss your face. I miss your love. I miss your hugs. I miss the sound of your voice and the love it sends. Mostly, I miss your smile and the joy and love it sends me!

I go through my day, and one by one you all pop in to see me. A smile, when I need it, or a word of wisdom to keep me going. You work so hard to move me on, keep me strong and holding on. You are and always will be, The Best! Your braveness in midst of adversity, your kindness in the face of grieving, your generosity in the holds of loss, is the mark not of a good friend. It is the mark of an Angel, to be able to move away from your pain and help me with mine, that is what makes you special! With selfishness overflowing in abundance in this world. I consider it an honor that you call me friend, and that God has blessed me enough to be able to call you friend.

When day falls into night, and I crawl into my bed. My last thoughts are of each and every one of you. To name all those I wish to pray for would take days, but He knows my heart. But my last prayers at night always finds me naming you. So, if you pop in today to read this post, know that it is meant for all of you who call me friend. For those of you who do not know me, remember that some where there is a friend, who thinks of you every day, even if they do not see you or talk to you that often. Know that some where there are people who love you still, and have no way to talk to you. Remember all those special people today. The ones that changed your life in even the tiniest way, because those are the ones that moved your heart. To move a heart, does not require money, it does not require ego, power or strength, it cannot be done by force of will or even a prayer. What moves a heart is simply LOVE, and a kind act, done without thought, done without expectations. It is done freely, with no strings attached, something another does not expect, it is a surprise of the smallest kind. Just a hug, a Kleenex, at the sign of tears, a word of love, when there does not seem to be any love around. A simple word that chases away fear, loneliness or grief. Some special thanks to Rhonda, Carol, Sherry, Lori, Susan, Amy, Christina, Chell, Jeff, Wade, Jeff, John, Danny, Karen and Donna (both in that special place), Stephanie, Ramona, Mom and Dad, Annie, Sandra, Tammy, Mary, Mike, Vinnie, Steve, Tina, Lynn, Lee, Grady, Sandy, Dawn, and so many more! My mind is spinning, hard to keep up with all those who touched my heart! God bless you today and everyday. May your goals for this life be fulfilled, may the angels protect you! All my love to you all listed and all of those reading, have a happy day, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Okay Take Another Spin!

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Well, on Wednesday I went to a job interview. It went great, they even had me do a couple of cold calls to see if I could do the job. It was and office for an Air-conditioning service, so they were looking for some one to call customers to see if they were looking to have their units cleaned and checked. Both gentlemen who interviewed me, said I did great, I was their favorite, they even gave me their business cards to call them back if I did not hear from them by Friday! Well, Friday came along and at 3:40 pm I called them up, since I had not had any word from them or the temporary service. One of them answered the phone, and said they were at that very time discussing who they would be hiring. Could I call back later at five pm or just after. Now, I know it is Friday and most offices close at five for starters. I also know that, this answer is not nearly as positive for me as things went at the original interview. To be honest, after being out of work so long, and being given the run around at least a hundred times already, I did not call.

The first reason I did not call, is technically, I think they were new to this temporary service thing. I am supposed to be contacted by the service about work, it is not only an etiquette thing, but a policy thing. They sent me to the interview, and they call me if I get hired. I did it the first time thinking I might get a warning, prior to starting work on Monday, to get things at home in order, and not have to be rushing around last minute getting things done to go to work.  Instead, I received yet another, blow off, a kind one ( thank you for that), but a blow off none the less. Needless to say they did not call me back either. Until Monday, when I am sure they will be notifying some one, unless they have already chosen and it is some one else. I have decided, not to take it personally, when the right employment comes along, I will get the job. Until then, this one was obviously meant for some one else.

I feel like I am trapped on a game show. There is a big wheel to spin, and all the slots are filled with jobs, some are for my artist gifts, some are self-employment work, some are office jobs, some pay a lot, some pay little, some are long hours, some just part time. One slot however, says “SORRY” and that slot means no job for you. Continually this man coaxes me, come on spin again, this is your lucky spin, so I spin and every time I get the SORRY, spot on the wheel. The rules are simple too, I can only leave when I get something other than SORRY. But, no matter how times I have spun that wheel so far, all I can get is SORRY. Now, the odds are stacked against this happening, and if there were any way to bet on it, I would be rich and not have to get a job. However this is not possible, and so I must keep spinning that wheel, like a really bad re-make of Groundhog Day, with no end in sight! Lots of love to you all, got plenty of work to do, hope you are having a wonderful weekend, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Dental Blues!

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Well, today I went to the dentist as planned. It being a clinic it was very time consuming, especially since I had an x-ray done and only a short consultation. I went to my appointment at the time given 9:00 am, unfortunately when they gave me the appointment they did not mention that they book everyone at 9 am. I arrived at ten minuted till nine and found I was the last of the morning appointments to arrive. The dentist does not show up until nine thirty am, and they don’t even start taking people back there until ten fifteen. That is one thing I will never understand about clinics, why have people come in at a certain time, and the doctors don’t sow up until later. I mean really, I may not have a doctorate degree, but does that mean my time is less valuable than a person who does?

Anyway, not only is he late, but we further have to wait when he does get there, which is even more ridicules! Anyway, at eleven fifteen am I finally get to go back there to see the dentist. At ten forty-five I had to get my x-ray of my tooth in question. I am explaining it this way because I do have a point. When I get back there, last as I explained, he tells me he does not feel comfortable taking the tooth. Now, to me, if he was that uncomfortable with it, couldn’t he have taken me back earlier, to let me know. The deal is, my tooth had a root canal years ago, and luckily for me this dentist said, my old dentist did an exceptional job on it. What I did not know is that when the root is taken the tooth dies. Now, a dead tooth becomes extremely brittle and like a twig can and will snap when you put pressure on it, ex: putting pliers on it to pull it. What will happen is when you try to pull the tooth, generally the piece they are holding onto, to pull it out, well it will break off. So, in other words he said he would do it if I wanted too, be it would be painful, and tie intensive, and at some point would require him to be digging the tooth out of my gums! Now, raise your hand if this sounds like a good plan! I am assuming you did not raise your hand, unless you are very much into masochism.

Okay, so the good news is that the tooth is not infected, because the previous dentist did sure a stand up job. Also, good news, this dentist said that my gums were very healthy and I did not need to take it out, immediately. He recommended, I go to an oral surgeon to have the work done, when I was indeed ready to have it done. I am so very pleased that my day did not end with me babying a hole in my gum. Just a little miffed that my time was so stupidly wasted. I think it would have been appropriate, to pull me back for this five minute consultation, and let me on my merry way. It does not seem to me, that this would have insulted the other patients in any way, and it would have allowed me to go on with my day, doing something productive. By, the look of stress on his face, it could have gotten him off the hook sooner as well.

Enough of the fun for today, hope your day is going great. Sending out my love to you and yours, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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1 Ulcer, 1 Neck Pain, Lots Of Work And 1 Interview To Go, Please!

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Well, lots of things to do today! Never got a chance to work last night. Called a friend, I haven’t spoken to her in a while, and with out getting one word in edge wise, lost two hours of time last night. I felt after she had called and left several messages, that it was time to call her back. However, two hours on a phone wrecks havoc on my neck. A neck that has still not healed from the banquets I worked last week. I am so very sore today. I really need to invest in a speaker phone!

Beyond the neck issue, I have been taking the muscle relaxers the doctor gave me, so now my ulcer is in full bloom! I feel pain all over today. No matter what, I still need to do some work on those drawings I wanted to do, and I do have a job interview today. No time for whining, only time to look forward and do what I have to do. Feels a little daunting for me, but, one thing at a time, and some how the day will end. When I look back I will either be booking some things to do tomorrow, or I will be pleased with all I have managed to accomplish.

In lighter news, I did not win the lottery jack pot last night. I can only hope tonight will be better! I did get an e-mail from a friend of mine, she was the one who was going to see about getting my Glorious Sunflower painting in a gallery. I sent her some pictures of it last night, and she sent me back an e-mail, letting me know that she forwarded it to her friend. Keep your fingers crossed, I would be blissfully happy to know that I had any work of mine in a gallery. It has been a dream of mine fr a long time. Just the beginning of the dream of course, but it would be so nice to have it going in the right direction.

With any luck luck in the next couple of days , I will get all my jewelry priced and displays built and painted. I would like to have this stuff in another shop by Monday at the latest. It would just feel great to have all my things from around the house in businesses where I have a chance to make money, while I stay home and make more! In my ideal world, that is the beginning of my dreams. Eventually I would love to have my own shop for all my things, but one step at a time! It has been a minute since I have been able to talk to a couple of my friends (they work lots of hours and are hard to keep track of). If you peek in here at all, just wanted to say, I love you and miss you bunches (Rhonda, Chell, Lori). Hope you are all having a great week, MUAH! To the rest of you popping in, hope you are having  a beautiful day, sending you my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Glorious Sunflowers!

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Well, I can officially say that I have finally finished my Sunflower painting. I think I am going to name it Glorious Sunflowers. It turned out beautifully, I hope you like it. The pictures on this blog were taken not too long ago, and I am so very happy with the outcome. The sad part will be letting it go, got to sell it, need the money. It has been a long journey with this canvas. I started it about 4 years ago, and ran out of the colors, mostly the yellow. This canvas has moved with me over and over again, waited for me while I worked two jobs at a time, just to be able to afford the paints, and finally for me to dig it out of the closet, and complete the process.

The original plan, at the place I lived at when I started it, was for it to go on the wall in my dining room. I had some Shaker ladder back chairs. I had planned on re-seating the chairs, with red, yellow and green fabric. The Flowers were to look over  my table and guests, that was the dream. My room mate at the time, stole my chairs and many other things from me. For the above mentioned reason, I no longer live at that address. Where I am now, there is no dining room, and definitely no chairs and table to make it happen. So many people who have seen me working on this painting over the last few weeks, have loved this canvas. Everyone says they want to buy it, or knows some one who will. One of my friends, is going to give me an opportunity to put this canvas in a gallery, through a friend of hers. So, keep your fingers crossed, I would love to sell it and have money to buy more supplies to make more, and then sell more. The ultimate catch twenty-two for me!

Now, on the job front, I received a call today. I have a job interview tomorrow, it is a good job for me. At least that is what I think, the universe may have other plans. At two-thirty tomorrow, I will be going through the interview process. I can only hope all goes well. Considering the luck I have been having, I am not going to let myself get too excited. But, it is good and hopeful news for sure. Tonight is also, lottery night, you never know, maybe tonight will be my night! Keep your fingers crossed!

Now, I am going to get to work on some drawings, I think and tomorrow I need to get the jewelry out of the car and begin that process of pricing and designing stands or racks for displaying the jewelry. With any luck at all, these can be in the shop, by the beginning of next week. So much work, so little time. The drawings, I am hoping to do are for some holiday (Halloween for now) cards to be put on my Zazzle account. In my dream world, hopefully I can knock a couple of them out tonight and in the morning. It all just depends on how creative my brain is going to be. After spending weeks on the painting, it may take a while to get back into the swing of things. Sending you my love, where ever you may be, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Rising Sunflowers!

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Stayed up as late as I could and still have not gotten this painting quite where I want it. So, I am up early and heading to it. I really want to post it on here today! I am ready to move on to something different, and really want you to see it! It is really nice, I love it.

On to other news, what is the deal with Columbus Day? The only people who get it off any more, are the bank employees. There was only one bank in town open yesterday. But the roads were crazy. I had to go to the grocery store, and traffic was backed up for miles and for most of the day and night as well. Not sure what that was all about, as far as I know, no one gets off for Columbus Day anymore. Do the schools even close for it these days? I am curious.

Was so busy yesterday, I am sure if I had focused on only the painting it would be done. But, I had so much to do. Still recuperating from working on Friday and Saturday, my neck is still messed up and my right arm is giving me trouble. I made pulled pork yesterday and a nice coffee cake. I also, did laundry and cleaned up around the house and went to run errands. Today I am grounding myself to get it done. Wish me luck, it is time to move on to other things, My mind has been exploding with ideas and I now feel trapped with this piece. I love it, but it is time.

Got a posting from the group below this morning. They are doing a fund raiser to help people with no food for Thanksgiving. If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping, by donation, promotion or in any way possible. I am sure they will be extremely happy for all you can offer. Thanksgiving is a time of year to celebrate plenty, full bellies and family bonds. Sharing with some one else so they can have something is definitely what is all about.

More than Art Group :: Contact MAG
Not sure how to fix that. It has never happened to me before, not sure where all the blue writing will take you. So, be careful and only click on the link! Got to get to work, I will update you later on how things are going with the painting, with any luck it will be a post letting you know it is done and a picture of it so you can judge for yourself! Hope you are having a wonderful day, all my love to you, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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