Love And Calamity!

What a week! Well, have been busy this week with many friends, all with problems with lovers. Some with husbands, others with boyfriends but all around a crazy week for love. It seems like some sent out the anti-cupid arrow and all who were struck are going through heated love battles this week. Now, it has been coming this way for a while, most of them were headed to disaster prior to this week, it is just funny how it all hit the fan this week! I feel lucky to have been missed by this arrow, because my tooth is in full flare up again, and I don’t really want anything else to fret about.

Since Monday I have been getting calls and visits from all those scorned lovers, and it has been a rough week for them. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering love’s big sting this week, or at all lately. It is very stressful and emotional, not to mention physically draining.With any luck, they will rise above it all, and find a solution to their problems. Love is a very powerful tool and like a sword it can cut both ways. It can cut in and heal and wound with deliberate and torturous pain. We must be careful how we use it.

Still working on the painting, but not enough to be done, between the advice line, I have unwittingly hooked up here at home, and the torment of this tooth. I am beyond distraction and finding it very difficult to work on the smallest of tasks right now. I bet you can guess what I would do if I had some money this week! Dentist! I don’t even like going to one, but if I could summon the cash I would be begging to go, right now! Got a coupon in the mail for Jerry’s Artorama this week, they are having a huge sale on paints, I think 70% off, which is a fabulous sale. If only I had a few dollars to rub together, this could be a great week, losing this painful tooth and gaining some much needed new paints, and art supplies!

Back to the love talk. I am more sad for the children who have to suffer while their parents duke it out, to fix the messes they are in. Been through two divorces in my life, and marriage no longer looks so romantically blissful to me. Not that I don’t think it is possible, but I am thinking the odds aren’t as good as I once thought. So, I have decided, that like craps, I am walking away from the table. I am not willing to chance another snake eyes roll! I personally think I have a better chance at winning the lottery than finding that heaven sent, dream man! My children are grown and no longer will be needing that father figure. I am also sure, they do not want to see me go through another sad break up. No one who loves you wants that for anyone! I do not want it for them! it is painful enough to watch friends go through it. The babies are the only ones who do not get a vote, there should be a camp, for kids to go to. When adults go through marital problems, or divorce, they should send their kids to camp until the fireworks are over. The shrapnel is reckless and painful. It can leave wounds for ever! So, I say lay down your weapons and work on a peace treaty, time to move forward.

Lots of love to you all, as always, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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