Monday Virus Scare, Just In Time For Halloween!

Well this morning I woke up to an e-mail from  a special friend notifying me I had a virus in my e-mail. I had never heard of such a thing. Apparently, my Yahoo sent out a spam notice to several people I know, if you are one of them, it is fixed! So, I wrote him back, lucky for me, he knows a lot about computers, it is his job to do so. He has the Degrees and experience to back it up. Anyway, he asked if we could check on my Yahoo mail first since that seemed to be the first thing he noticed. So we logged in to the account and he recommended that I change my password. Well, we tried several times and it would not let me change it! A huge surprise, since I have done it several times through the years and never had a problem with it. I ended up having to send an e-mail to my other mail box saying I had lost my password, so that it would prompt me to change it and I finally got it fixed.

While we were working on it, I asked him how that could have happened and he asked me if I had used a library computer at all. I replied that I had in the past, but it had been over a year since I had done so. He said that is probably how it had happened. The library computers, save all your information when you log into your sites,and some one can come along afterwords and steal that information. This was news to me, I did not know this was possible. I assumed (bad word), that the library would have some kind of a safety net in tacked to avoid such thievery. I guess not as good as I had expected. So, if you knew that, I am so happy you know better. If you did not know that, please be very careful, not to go to personal sites on a public computer. I ended up with viruses and a huge mess out of it. Lucky for me some on was looking out for me, and I am so thankful for that! The reason, I was unable to get into my account and change my password, as good as we could guess, was that the other person became alarmed that I was changing it and was trying to safeguard his or her access to that account.  Any way problem solved.

I will share with you things, obviously in hindsight, that I was noticing the last week or so. For several days last week, every time I went to check my mail, I was prompted to re-enter my password, that is highly unusual. I was going to send out an e-mail to yahoo after about 3 days of this, but it just stopped. Also, my friend did let me know that I had sent out an e-mail, spamming other friends of mine. Which I can honestly say I did not do. If you notice any strange behavior with your mail, please take the time to find out. Like I said, I found 27 viruses in my computer after this whole episode. So take care!

Off to painting again, got to finish my painting. As usual, I gave myself way too much to do yesterday, and did not complete my tasks, so today I must catch up. I still have to get picks of several works and also, start a contest of my own to choose a piece of art for the contest I would like to enter. Hoping you had a great weekend, and that today is a great start to a new week! All my love to you, as usual, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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