Dreaming Of Sunflowers!

Well, still working on the sunflower painting. Been tough, my neck has been really bad lately, but I am off to do as much as I can right now! Wish me luck, I need to gt this one done and get on with something else. It has been a busy day so far, Fridays always are, running to the bank, paying bills, and answering calls, etc… I have some laundry as well to do, and some cooking. I am going to do the art show tomorrow, so I have to get as much done today as possible to be able to spend the day there. I will say my new sign up, on eHow is really going well. Other than the usual online creeps, I am meeting some really nice people. They seem to be very helpful as far as running an online business and just general advice on how the site works. It is really refreshing to meet so many helpful and considerate people in one place.

Business remains slow at this time. But today I am also planning on selling some prints on eBay. I am hoping some will sell it would be nice to make some money this weekend! Also, with fall coming around the corner I am hoping that people will start tier Christmas shopping and all those people that selected items in my shop, as favorites, will actually do some shopping. It would make for a busy, but refreshing holiday for me. it would make me feel like all that hard work was finally paying off. Still no word on a job, nothing temporary or otherwise in the works. i don’t know what they are saying in the news about our recession, but from my perspective and many people I know all around the country, it is still in full running. So many people are finding it it hard to find work these days. It hurts us all. The sooner we as a people can take charge of our lives and financial status the better. It is no secret the people out of work, seem to be in the middle class, and with them out of work, all facets of society suffer, they are and always will be the spenders. With no spending everything is crawling along, and that is bad news for more and more of the middle class. Our system cannot survive with only the poor (being the majority) and the rich (being the minority). The rich don’t spend on enough to keep us all working and the poor cannot afford to spend at all. As more and more of our middle class, slides down into the lower class of spending, we will all find ourselves in a great mess! We must support each other, every little bit counts. No one else is going to save us, we must save ourselves!

Hoping you are having a wonderful day. I am staying on top of things and continue to work and hope that things will finally start to ease up for all of us. The weekend is at the door and I truly hope no matter of your circumstances, that you will enjoy the weekend and your loved ones. sending you my love, diana












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