Fall Begins

Busy day, found out about a site that is doing an art contest. So, I have been busy deciding which picture to submit. The contest ends on the 15th of October, so I have very little time to pick one and also, get together a 500 x 500 jpeg image to submit. I am still working on the painting, lots of detail work to do. It all started with an add to my Twitter account. I added this group as a friend after being notified that they added me. When I looked up the site I discovered that they publish art contests, so needless to say I was excited. The first Tweet I saw was for this contest that ends on October 15. So, I got busy right away. I have been getting a hold of friends and family to help me decide which picture to submit. So far I have about six choices, and once I get a list together, I will be posting the pictures on my blog, and give you a chance to vote. The picture with the most votes will be the one listed.

Besides all that, been obviously a day of connecting with everyone, so lots of time on the phone. So much that two of my phones are charging right now. No more phone time for me today, I am done and my neck is too! So, finally I am able to get on here and do my blog for the day. With any luck I will be able to work on my painting for a while, but it is iffy right now. I have the burn going on in my neck and shoulders, not sure if I can lift my hand right now. Next will be some time on the heating pad and some ibuprofen, and hopefully that will do the trick.

Now as for the lottery, no such luck this week, but tomorrow I will be getting tickets for the new week and I can only hope. I have some errands to run in the morning, so not sure when I will be able to post or what will be the adventure for tomorrow, we will have to wait and see! I did check on some work again today and was supposed to get a call back for an appointment next week, no word so far. Hopefully they will call me tomorrow. The search continues, so many things happening at once, only time will tell how it all spins its tale. I am ready and waiting to see how it all works out. I am sure it will be good in the end! Sending out my love to you, as always, diana












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