Summer’s Twilight!

Well, as the sun goes down today, summer is officially over. It would be ideal for me to wake up in fall tomorrow, but as we all know just because the calender says it is over, does not mean it is really over just yet! But, I will say that for me it was a nice thing to hear, on the news this morning. I am happy that I can now really count the days to cooler weather. I am still working on my sunflower painting. It is really looking good, so far. Hopefully, I won’t disappoint myself and go into over kill. There is always a fine line between not enough and way too much, in art any way. So, wish me luck as I also reach the twilight of this painting. With any luck, I can celebrate the first day of fall, with the final day of this piece of art. I still owe you all, a picture of the drawing I finished last week. I have been really busy, ironic, since I do not have a job. I wonder how I managed before, with a job. It always seems I need another ten or twelve hours in each day, just to stay afloat!

I wonder, does anyone else have this problem? I wish I could skip sleep, that way, I would be able to put to use all those hours of rest. These bodies can be tough on our schedules. Oh well, it is the price we pay to be human. It always seems that there are so many things I still want to do, and always not enough time or money to accomplish it. I guess I will have to live to be very old, or get rich really soon to get it all done. What a quandary.

Business has not improved,and according to the news here, all the food banks are running low on food. It seems,that I am not the only one out of work around here. According to the evening news tonight, the Sevier County food bank has doubled the amount of people needing help. It appears that just getting food is difficult for most people around here. Wishing I had some money or food to give myself, but I am lucky at this point not to be standing in line for a donation myself. i hope that soon, I either get a job, or my art starts selling, so I can be self sufficient myself. I would also, love to be in  a situation to be able to be debt free for once in my life, and be able to help people myself. It hurts me daily knowing so many people in need and not being able to help. This is the downside of being a giver, I guess. Always wanting to be able to help, even when I am unable to help myself. It seems such a shame that some people have so much and give so little to help others. In this economy especially, it would be nicer to see more people who are willing to give back to all the people who made them wealthy in the first place. Just a thought, I am sure some of you think me silly, but I do believe in Karma. If so many have contributed to a given person’s wealth, it should be a priority to give a portion back to those who need it.

Okay, so off the soap box for now. I must go and finish my painting. Tonight is another drawing, so wish me luck! I am sure you have guessed I have not won, or this blog would read very different than it does. I am still waiting. Hoping you enjoyed your last official day of summer and wake tomorrow ready to embrace the first day of fall. Sending my love to you all, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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