Sunflowers And Colors Of Fall!

Well, sorry this post is so late. I have been painting my heart out since yesterday. I had a painting I started a few years ago, and ran out of paint and then time. Since I have been home, it just has been shuffled from one corner to another. Always waiting for the right combination of time and paint colors to finish it. I went to the art show this weekend, no sales, but I did get an itch to paint. So, on Sunday, I got to looking at pictures with fall leaves and pumpkins, not jack-o-lanterns, just pumpkins. I was really in the mood to feel those fall colors, sick of the heat and anticipating the beauty and coolness of fall. As, I racked my brain for an idea, and I did have several, nothing really got the juices flowing. I ran across this neglected painting and decided, that it had the right color combination I was looking for and it has waited long enough to be completed.

It is a big painting, not sure the exact size I will have to measure it, but I think it is around 4′ x 2′. Anyway, it is a cool color palette and I am happy to be getting it done. The more I do, the more I want to see it done. So, I have been charging onward, and am hoping to finish it this week for sure, with any luck in the next couple of days. It has been really fun, to play with paint again. I really do hope to start selling some art soon, because, I would love to build up my paints and focus on painting. It really is the most enjoyable of the arts for me.

Other than that, no extraordinary news. Let me see, I have not won the big jack pot in the lottery, yet! I am slowly recuperating from the banquets I worked on Wednesday and Thursday. Still hitting the heating pad at night and sometimes during the day, to stop the spasms in my muscles. My toothache is at bay, brushing constantly and using mouthwash to keep every germ as dead as possible is definitely helping that out. So, all in all, i guess I am recovering from last week a little. I am happy for that as well. I did not hear from the gentleman who offered me a possible job, he was supposed to call today. Time will tell, the temporary service I worked for last week, called today, in the hour I took to run errands, late this afternoon, so when I returned home, it was too late to call back. Guess I will have a few things to get to in the morning, before, the paint brush touches my hands. It is all good, something to break up the day, makes it interesting and fun. Wishing you all a great nights sleep, sending you sweet dreams and all my love, as usual, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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