Working For WonderWorks!

Wow, what a long week and weekend it has been! I have been at the Art Show in Pigeon Forge this weekend, it was really hot and humid outside! Cars, cars, cars, everywhere, old ones, new ones, beat up ones, polished ones, vintage cars, souped up cars, chopped cars, just so many cars it is not even easy to explain. This weekend was the Rod Run weekend, if you had not already guessed. If you have been here during Rod Run, you will know what I am talking about. If you haven’t there really is nothing to compare it to, that I can explain, it is car craziness gone wild! Anyway, even with all the people out in force, I made no sales, so sad. After the last few days, I am beat!

Still trying to get rid of the abscessed tooth, still  sore from working the banquets, and the girly thing has arrived as well. So, I am a sleepy girl for sure! Anyway, I did (as usual) meet some really fun people! There was one booth out there this weekend, father and son team, that made knives. The knives were so unique and really cool. He had knives made out of tire irons, crescent wrenches, railroad spikes, all kinds of remade items turned into knives, it was really cool. I love it when people take something with one use and turn it around into something completely different. They were a wonder to look at. I am ready for a day of relaxation, but I have tons of computer work to catch up on. I am going to do my best to pace myself, so that I can rest too. I know a lot of people have been calling the last few days, so I am sure my phone will be busy. It will have to be short and sweet however, too many of them and not enough time for all of them today, I am sorry to say. I have been so very busy lately, it is funny, I mean where does the time go?

I need to do some artwork today too, I am missing it. Been so very busy working on all kinds of other stuff, I have not had time to do my art. So some how, some way starting today and this week for sure, I am working on some art projects. I do feel the need to paint something, maybe a drawing too, not really sure yet. I guess it all depends on how well, the creative juices flow, and how well I can interpret them! No big lottery news, I am still the broke girl you all love and remember, but I have not given up my dream to win this year! Keep you posted as always. Now, off to some more rest, housework, artwork and whatever else I can do, and still have some relaxation in my day! All my love to you and yours today, have fun, rest, and above all stay safe, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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