Smiling On The Inside!

Well, today I actually have a job to do. The Temp Service I signed up with is sending me to do banquet work today and tomorrow. Oh and on Monday I went to meet a man about a job as well, that one is sales, no pay commission only, better get my game on for that one if he calls. He did call yesterday to let me know I would not be hearing from him till Monday. Anyway, in the mean time, I have this banquet to serve at the next two days, and to make things just the right amount of fun, the Cosmos has decided that now would be a great time to have an abscessed tooth! It started last night, and I found a few penicillin to take, which helped me get some sleep last night, the joke is this morning, my face is swollen! The left side of my face and jaw is all puffy and it is making it hard to move my face, you know, like to smile and talk.

I actually find this hysterical, and only have two choices to laugh like a mad woman or cry. I have been trying to find a job so long, and finally get a little nibble and this is what I have to go through. It is crazy. Wish me luck, I can’t call in or they won’t send me to other work, and I can’t go to the dentist, too broke for that. I have to hope beyond hope that I can get this tooth under control, until I can find some gainful employment. I hope that some how I can relay a smile at this job so that they think I am friendly, how much does that stink! Having a server who looks like she would rather be some where else! Which I do even now, and I am at home still! If I knew some one with pliers, I would let them rip it out for me, it hurts so bad right now!

So, the goal for my day is paint a smile on, if I can’t make my mouth make on naturally and hope for the best. My eyes are smiling, but most people are not observant enough for that. They tend to go the obvious route and look at your smile, hopefully I can pull it off!

If I have enough energy and anything exciting to share I will update you later today, otherwise my goals after work will be simple. Probably more brushing of the teeth, mouthwash and maybe a nap to get myself rested to deal with this infection. If I am lucky I will be able to do some artwork, that was my goal yesterday and I got nothing done, my face hurt too much to concentrate on anything! Hopefully today will be better, pray hard if you do, or wish my happy thoughts if you don’t I need it! Lots of love to you all, hoping you are having a good day, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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  1. yeah my dad will like this

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