Online Meat Markets!

One thing I am noticing about so many of the friend sites, is that so many of them are loaded with creepy guys and porno chicks. What is going on? Aren’t there enough sites that cater to that crowd out there as it is? Why do these men (so called), think that just because you accept a friend request, that it means you are some desperate housewife who wants to run off with them?

Example (and a tame one at that):

You are welcome Diana,

It’s my pleasure to be your friend, I visited your profile right now, and I read about you, you are so different lady I ever met before, and intresting too, I wish to know you more if you have time for a while.

take care sunny

I mean first of all, try learning English, because 95% of these letters are obviously not English speaking people, even though many claim to be from the US. If they are from here, they are completely illiterate. Now, I know people claim that the school system isn’t doing their job, but come on! Every site I do have it is clearly posted for friends and networking, not boyfriends, husbands, etc…. What is wrong with these guys, guess they can read about as well as they can write! I feel these sites should give you better ways to screen or block these people. But even that does not help, because they sign in the next day with another fake picture, another fake name, and another new e-mail address and will write to you again! It is completely exasperating.

I crack up with the new ones that try to say they are from, let’s say Michigan, and follow it up by saying they are currently working in Nigeria. Come on guys, are you kidding? They some pictures or just one picture of some model and expect you to believe it. Funny, how that some model, has hundreds, maybe thousands of sites! I wonder how many of these poor guys actually get mail from some incensed woman, who has sent money out to these losers. There are very few times in my life, when I can say I feel really sorry for the model types, they generally do well in life. But, even I have to admit this really sucks!

Now I am just asking, how many of you would fall for some guy, who writes you a letter sight unseen ( I mean you now), because even you could have some outdated, or borrowed picture on there, for all he knows? I mean, I look at you page, and I think you perfect for me, please send mail to blah,blah,blah@yahoo mail! Come on! I consider that an insult to my intelligence and a huge waste of time. Now, for those of you who do not know me I am not mad. Just tired of reading BS letters from these preying, dirt bags, who pretend to be men. A real man would not even think of using or insulting a woman in this manor.  I wonder, do guys get preyed on by women who operate this way? Do the gay community in general have to deal with kind of nonsense? Just a comment and some questions, would love to hear what you think? Love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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  1. i am addicted to farmville

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