Let’s Play Catch The Clock!

Well this should have been done hours ago. It seems that my computer or Firefox has been having difficulty this morning. And a simple task like writing a sentence is taking minutes to load! So, I rebooted and am hoping that solves the problem. Happy Monday to you and hope your week started out as great as you wished it would be, really hope it was better. I know most people do not look forward to Mondays. Well for me today is beat the clock Monday and only the beginning of beat the clock week. I have been so busy trying to do so many things since I got my car out of the shop, that now I am severely behind on catching up on my art, my shops, my blogs and my job search. So, this week I intend on doing my all to make up for lost time. Funny how my computer had an entirely different agenda than me! I was doing some searching this morning and found a site called eHow, pretty cool. It seems you can put a profile on there and watch videos and read how to’s on all kinds of things.

Now, if you are more computer savvy than I bear with me. I was really excited about it. The diversity of things you can get information about is staggering. It will take me a minute to absorb it all. So, technically now I have even more things to do than first anticipated. I wonder how long I can go without sleep? I need those hours to catch up. For those of you unfamiliar with this site, check it out, really amazing how many things you can learn about. They have everything from how to keep getting bitten by mosquitoes to digital filming techniques and a whole gamut of subjects in between and all around. So, if you have an interest or several interests that you are curious about, check them out. You can build a profile and make friends and I am hoping they will also, help me figure out more about it. For me other than a great way to fill my head with trivia that interests me, I think it will be a great way to network as well. The first person to add me has over 2000 friends on her page. I am thinking it is a pretty big site.

Now that I have that off my chest it is off to the drawing board for me. Yesterday was all about doing housework and cooking and baking. Today is all about doing artwork, blogging and tweeting and all the stuff required for me to maintain and grow my online business. I added some new prints to my shops yesterday and will be adding some more today, for anyone interested in checking it out. I also, added something new to my Zazzle store. So, eBay, ETSY, Artfire, Zibbet and Zazzle have new items for you to see. Hoping you enjoy them and your day, all my love to you, diana

PS: I am adding my eHow link, if you would like to check it out too!












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