What Do You Know About Copyrights?

I have always been fascinated with the copyright process. Through the years I have talked to many people who have had things copyrighted and have gotten a lot of advice and warnings about this system. I know it can be done directly through the copyright office, not sure on the cost, I have heard it can be very expensive, if done properly. I have heard that is is better to go through it with an attorney, to make sure all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s dotted. I have also heard that many times people go through them and steal ideas from this system, and tweek them just enough to get away with no paying you for your idea. I have heard that you can mail things to yourself to copyright things as well, it apparently works with artwork and things of a simpler nature, not sure if it works with all ideas.

I have also, heard that some people just hook up with a person or corporation to get their ideas out to the public, and work out the money through percentage of sales. I do know this process definitely needs to be done with an attorney, because many bigger companies have no bones about cutting out the middle man. Even in this process however, they can rip you off. Because they have many attorneys at their disposal and definitely know how to legally steal your ideas. It is a daunting process for sure. The long and short of it is this. I am interested in getting a product out there and am not sure of where to turn for advice and help, and I definitely do not want to be taken. So the question to you all is this, what do you know about copyrighting? Beyond that what do you know about the process of being an inventor, or how to put a product into the market? These are things I am very curious about and interested in at  this time. I am also very sure that I am not the only one interested in this process and the legal implications.

If you know anything about this process, or if you too are curious about how it works, I would love to hear your thoughts and concerns on this matter. Please feel free to send your input, I am on pins and needles, waiting for an answer, or even a note from some one who may be feeling overwhelmed by this system. Hope you are having a wonderful evening, relax and new week awaits. All my love to you all, as always, diana











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4 Responses to “What Do You Know About Copyrights?”

  1. the thing i love about bike racks is that they keep your bicycle secure in one place against thieves-‘*

  2. Not a professional.

    Merely an opinion based upon reading and life experience.

    In the USA the “system” is NOT set up to benefit the common folks.

    How can you expect to compete with or fight a HUGE monolithic corporate entity with an entire legal department full of lawyers at their beck and call?

    You and I and the vast majority of Americans are “nobodies” whose financial resources are nil compared to those who can do us the most economic harm.

    Even if you fight another “nobody” what resources are they likely to possess to retrieve any awarded damages?

    Then, what are the costs versus the potential reward even if you do win a court judgment and what can you do if your opponent loses to you and just ignores you? You gonna’ meet ’em at the bike racks ofter school and beat them up?

    Generally, with a few rare exceptions, do not even think about using a legal system primarily created and designed to enrich those income depends upon working within that legal system.

    Notice I do not label it a “justice” system for that is NOT what it is!!!!

    It is a LEGAL system and it is NOT a friend. Just consider yourself lucky if it never becomes your enemy.

    In a worst case scenario, the ruling class of the USA or their lackeys, such as the federal government etc. will use the legal system to force you to obey the master ruling class.

    If you ever pose a danger to the status quo for political beliefs or whatever, the legal system can dispose of you via a bewildering variety of methods.

    A peek at USA history will reveal many methods used in the past to remove “undesirables” from the USA.

    Considering the power of our legal system and the many travesties it has caused among We, the People, the “common folk” of the USA, it is likely best to stay as far away from the legal system as possible.

    • I agree on so many ways, hence the reason I called it the legal system. I have been used and abused by it a few times in my life. I do not call it friend. I know the power of its court and even laws built in to protect are many times altered or as in a couple of cases completely ignored. Apparently to our system I am the exception and not in a good way! I can only hope than one day Karma has its way with them for their dirty deeds and avoid at all costs the use of the system in the future. So, now my question to you is this, if you had a good idea to put out there and make a buck or three, but limited or no funds, what avenue would you take?

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