Fly Away!

Come fly away with me and my butterflies! Whew, still working, finally have the butterflies done, now I have to finish the rest of it. But, for those of you waiting for it, it is almost ready, and with any luck I can still get it in to the group fund raiser for Lupus. I think it is going to be a really nice piece. Sorry, I missed a day, I was so determined to get those butterflies done, that I just did not want to get distracted. It isn’t just that they take a while, looking up species and figuring out which one I would do next, trying to find colors, then actually putting them together. I hope one day to afford the biggest marker sets, even though I have a fairly good selection, the colors on markers is so limited, and blending is difficult at best.

The car is back and still running great! I am also, continuing my efforts to find gainful employment. Feeling a little down trodden by the whole process, but I keep plugging along. Keep your fingers crossed and keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I need all the help I can get! As per my goal to win the big pot in the lottery, it hasn’t happened yet, but I will be sure to let you know, when that luck changes as well. I won’t need a job, I will start a business and employ others who need the work. I make a much better boss anyway, than most of the ones I have had lately. Not sure why, but with all these so called employment laws out there, employers seem to have no problem, bending, twisting and out right busting up these laws. No one seems to care, and it looks really bad on an application, if you have been unfortunate enough to run into a string of them! Yep, I am talking about me, everything from harassment, threats at the job, no breaks (what so ever, no kidding), complete disrespect, like cussing out employees in front of other employees and customers, promising insurance and raises, and then just  deciding “Oh, I changed my mind!”, insanity. I just want to work in a place where they respect an employee, who shows up every day, learns really fast, and loves other people, and to be honest is loved back! I work really hard, and fast and I do not need supervision. I learn my job and just do it, like the energizer bunny! Oh well, off the soap box I go, off to working on my butterfly drawing again.

Got to get ready for this weekend, definitely doing the art show, if I do not have another job by then. It should be really good this weekend. Not only is it going to be a busy weekend in town, because the car show is in, but there is going to be a band at the art fair, as well as a big line up of artists and crafters out there! If you happen to be in Pigeon Forge this weekend, stop by Buda Z and check us out. No excuses, bring your wallet too, even a small purchase will be greatly appreciated! Hoping you are having a wonderful week so far, wishing you all the best, and sending out my love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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