Butterflies, Soaring High!

Well, as promised, I am finished with the butterfly drawing. Not exactly what I wanted, but still very pretty. I am posting the pictures as promised, I am putting on more than a couple, just so I can show you some close ups of the butterflies, they look so nice. Amazing really considering they were done with marker! No job offers yet, still holding out hope on that. Haven’t won the lottery yet, and I have to rush and see if I can still use this picture for the Lupus fundraiser. But, first things first, for those of you waiting patiently to see what I have been working on for weeks. Keep in mind the paper is 18″ x 24″, and each butterfly is over 2 ” square, or some where close to that, up to 3″ square. Nice weather out today, stormy earlier in the day and not as hot as it has been lately. Looking forward to another cool night with fresh air coming in the windows! My favorite kind of weather! Lots of love to you all, would love to hear your thoughts on anything said, or on the drawing I worked so hard to finish. Love, diana











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