Webs Of Lies And Deception!

Wouldn’t be nice to think, that you wouldn’t have to scrutinize every word every one tells you. Even better if you could at least count on the ones you love the most, family, friends and professionals that we give our trust to. Living in the real world however, we learn this is not the facts. The facts are that no matter what kind of faith we put in others, many times it is unfounded, because that ugly little monster that lies deep within all of us, will eventually rear his ugly head. Human nature predisposes us to being deceptive and untrustworthy. Some of are blessed with the ability to ignore its stupid responses to given situations most of the time. Many people have an inability to reject its desire to paint us into a corner. So, in reality it is more about our awareness of its power for destroying all we hold dear. That no matter how we try to avoid the consequences of our actions, they will come back to haunt us. Truthfully, when the piper comes calling, the more we add to those problems through deceit and lies the bigger the consequences. Remember that the next time he makes an appearance in your life. He isn’t going to pay for your actions, you are!

Obviously there is a point and not naming names, a particular situation in a dear friends life, brings this to the forefront today. His family is lying to him about a very serious legal matter ( that coincidentally has no physical proof), to manipulate and control him. Following whatever, good intentions they may have, will have drastic and detrimental consequences in his life. I am amazed at how selfish and cruel people are, ruthless really, in trying to gain some one’s trust. In the end he will have to pay, one way or another. Either by losing the trust he once shared with those family members, and their loss of his presence in their lives, or by losing all he holds dear here and finding himself in a situation where he is also going to lose trust in them. Sad all the way around, wouldn’t it occur to at one of them that maybe, no matter what they felt he would say, that they would at least be honest, and through that gain his trust and faith to make a more educated choice. It appears the collective decision was to be dishonest and trap him into doing their bidding, at the cost of all else. Anyway, just a thought for the day, we all have been betrayed at one point or another in our lives, and it is never fun, happy or nice. Pitiful, that with all our knowledge and technology, that the simplest and most important things in our lives do not get better.

Still working on the butterfly drawing, tough week for me, lots of distractions. One good thing, I am doing pretty good so far on my Ebay store, 3 sales, cheap ones, but sales non the less. Hopefully this is a beginning of something new for me! No lottery winnings so far this week. Also, my car is still in the shop, they assured me they were aiming to get it in today and see if they could rig her back up. So, more time for me to focus on the things I have here to deal with. Hoping you are having a blessed day, all my love to you, diana











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