Hungry For Something!

Today’s theme is I am hungry for something.I am literally starving right now, don’t know what I want to eat. My stomach won’t stop growling, and I can’t think of one thing I want to eat. I don’t like that feeling, because I usually pick something fast and then end up with indigestion. I shouldn’t let myself get this hungry. Beyond my stomach hunger, I am also hungry for an end to this madness. I want my car back, I want a job, I want to move forward, in essence I want my life back! This is limbo and I cannot stand limbo. It is the most maddening, cagey feeling there is. I feel like a tiger trapped in a small cage, just pacing and waiting for my opportunity to bust out! Trying to stay calm and waiting for the perfect moment. Hoping I will be ready with the right move at the right time. Wish me luck!

In other news, I an listing some $.99 deals on Ebay to get some art moving. Simple prints, not signed, numbered or matted, just a quickie out the door kind of sale. I have sold one and shipped it out, I hope it starts moving even faster. Nothing else to do right now to make money. Got to work with what I got, and right now it is very limited. No luck with the lottery yet!. That would be a welcome blessing for sure, a moment of celebration, after so much insecurity and stress. It is my favorite dream! So much waiting to do, and no time to really do it. I have so many things I need to be doing and they all require an address and a car. No car, and the address is only till the end of the month. What a mess!

All sales on the other sites is non-existent right now. Here in town sales are very slow too, and online, I hear from many shop owners that theirs is slow as well. Tough times for a lot of people. We all need to pitch in, to help each other as much as we can, with the economic problems here in the US. The big businesses and government are not concerned with our problems, the only solution is for all of us to band together and reach out. Every little bit we can do to help each other out will be what saves us all from even worse times. Just my thoughts on the matter, putting more effort into small businesses and local businesses will be the key. Remember what this nation is based on, it started as small communities, supporting each other, creating success for the individual as well as for the populous as a whole! Hoping you are having a great day, would love to hear your thoughts. All my love to you, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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