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Love And Calamity!

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What a week! Well, have been busy this week with many friends, all with problems with lovers. Some with husbands, others with boyfriends but all around a crazy week for love. It seems like some sent out the anti-cupid arrow and all who were struck are going through heated love battles this week. Now, it has been coming this way for a while, most of them were headed to disaster prior to this week, it is just funny how it all hit the fan this week! I feel lucky to have been missed by this arrow, because my tooth is in full flare up again, and I don’t really want anything else to fret about.

Since Monday I have been getting calls and visits from all those scorned lovers, and it has been a rough week for them. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering love’s big sting this week, or at all lately. It is very stressful and emotional, not to mention physically draining.With any luck, they will rise above it all, and find a solution to their problems. Love is a very powerful tool and like a sword it can cut both ways. It can cut in and heal and wound with deliberate and torturous pain. We must be careful how we use it.

Still working on the painting, but not enough to be done, between the advice line, I have unwittingly hooked up here at home, and the torment of this tooth. I am beyond distraction and finding it very difficult to work on the smallest of tasks right now. I bet you can guess what I would do if I had some money this week! Dentist! I don’t even like going to one, but if I could summon the cash I would be begging to go, right now! Got a coupon in the mail for Jerry’s Artorama this week, they are having a huge sale on paints, I think 70% off, which is a fabulous sale. If only I had a few dollars to rub together, this could be a great week, losing this painful tooth and gaining some much needed new paints, and art supplies!

Back to the love talk. I am more sad for the children who have to suffer while their parents duke it out, to fix the messes they are in. Been through two divorces in my life, and marriage no longer looks so romantically blissful to me. Not that I don’t think it is possible, but I am thinking the odds aren’t as good as I once thought. So, I have decided, that like craps, I am walking away from the table. I am not willing to chance another snake eyes roll! I personally think I have a better chance at winning the lottery than finding that heaven sent, dream man! My children are grown and no longer will be needing that father figure. I am also sure, they do not want to see me go through another sad break up. No one who loves you wants that for anyone! I do not want it for them! it is painful enough to watch friends go through it. The babies are the only ones who do not get a vote, there should be a camp, for kids to go to. When adults go through marital problems, or divorce, they should send their kids to camp until the fireworks are over. The shrapnel is reckless and painful. It can leave wounds for ever! So, I say lay down your weapons and work on a peace treaty, time to move forward.

Lots of love to you all, as always, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Monday Virus Scare, Just In Time For Halloween!

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Well this morning I woke up to an e-mail from  a special friend notifying me I had a virus in my e-mail. I had never heard of such a thing. Apparently, my Yahoo sent out a spam notice to several people I know, if you are one of them, it is fixed! So, I wrote him back, lucky for me, he knows a lot about computers, it is his job to do so. He has the Degrees and experience to back it up. Anyway, he asked if we could check on my Yahoo mail first since that seemed to be the first thing he noticed. So we logged in to the account and he recommended that I change my password. Well, we tried several times and it would not let me change it! A huge surprise, since I have done it several times through the years and never had a problem with it. I ended up having to send an e-mail to my other mail box saying I had lost my password, so that it would prompt me to change it and I finally got it fixed.

While we were working on it, I asked him how that could have happened and he asked me if I had used a library computer at all. I replied that I had in the past, but it had been over a year since I had done so. He said that is probably how it had happened. The library computers, save all your information when you log into your sites,and some one can come along afterwords and steal that information. This was news to me, I did not know this was possible. I assumed (bad word), that the library would have some kind of a safety net in tacked to avoid such thievery. I guess not as good as I had expected. So, if you knew that, I am so happy you know better. If you did not know that, please be very careful, not to go to personal sites on a public computer. I ended up with viruses and a huge mess out of it. Lucky for me some on was looking out for me, and I am so thankful for that! The reason, I was unable to get into my account and change my password, as good as we could guess, was that the other person became alarmed that I was changing it and was trying to safeguard his or her access to that account.  Any way problem solved.

I will share with you things, obviously in hindsight, that I was noticing the last week or so. For several days last week, every time I went to check my mail, I was prompted to re-enter my password, that is highly unusual. I was going to send out an e-mail to yahoo after about 3 days of this, but it just stopped. Also, my friend did let me know that I had sent out an e-mail, spamming other friends of mine. Which I can honestly say I did not do. If you notice any strange behavior with your mail, please take the time to find out. Like I said, I found 27 viruses in my computer after this whole episode. So take care!

Off to painting again, got to finish my painting. As usual, I gave myself way too much to do yesterday, and did not complete my tasks, so today I must catch up. I still have to get picks of several works and also, start a contest of my own to choose a piece of art for the contest I would like to enter. Hoping you had a great weekend, and that today is a great start to a new week! All my love to you, as usual, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Fall Showers Bring Winter Flowers!

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It is Sunday and the rain clouds have been hanging over us all day. No crazy storms, just a nice cloudy day with intermittent showers. Keeping it cooler than it has been for a while. The rain always brings news of summer flowers in the spring. In the fall it is the announcement of those pretty winter flowers we call snow flakes! I have always loved the snow, the snowflakes have a unique beauty, nothing else compares. It has so many uses and so many fun ways to play in it. Not a huge fan of the cold, but I make allowances for the beauty it brings. It reminds me of the warmth that winter brings, all those great holidays we all enjoy. Even in the coldest weather our hearts fill with the warmth of being with the ones we love on those special holidays. For me, being of European descent it is Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I know that New Years is celebrated by many other cultures, but on different dates, depending on the part of the world you live in. And even if you have a different nationality there are so many holidays to choose from at this time of the year. People seem to get more light hearted, and good natured at this point in the year. It seems the cold weather on the outside brings with it a warming on the inside. A very good side effect, at least that is what I think. I also think, it would not hurt to keep that part of our natures alive all through the year! What a happy world it would be.

I spent the day doing shopping and cooking today, still have more I would like to do. I am hoping to squeeze in some  fresh baked banana bread later this evening. I am also looking forward to finishing my painting, and starting on something new  tomorrow. The cherry on top will be reading my Steven King novel, I purchased a couple of weeks ago, in a nice hot bubble bath! I am definitely in the mood for some good old fashioned relaxation tonight. The pot roast I made turned out great and some home made mashed potatoes to go with it, and of course some nice vegetables cooked in with the roast. Nice hearty winter kind of meal, it was a nice break from all the summer light meals I am used to. I am sure it will be warm again tomorrow, but I am thrilled with the respite we had today.

I also, read a book a friend of mine wrote today, it took a few hours, but I finished I am sure she will be happy to know I finally got around to that! It was good, reminded me a lot of Dean Koontz, but from a girls point of view. It was a good crime, fiction novelette. Also, one of my findings today was on eHow. I was looking for information on how to build a website, and found a link for building one with a WordPress blog. I have not read it all the way through yet, I do need some money to get a domain name with and to set up an account with some one to handle the site. Or something of that nature, see told you I did not read it all, but it sounded like  a good option for me to try. Hopefully, money will find me some time soon and I can get busy on that as well! Since I am still broke, I am sure you have guessed that I did not win the lottery this weekend, but hey I haven’t given up! So wish me luck, oh and if you know anything about setting up to do a charity I would be happy to hear from you. All my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Art Is Food For The Soul!

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I am still working on the sunflower painting, hopefully I will be done today or tomorrow. It should be obvious that I did not make it to the art show today. My tooth is killing me again, so I am trying to heal up, in the hopes that I can avoid another bill, and save the tooth. We shall see. So many things on my mind right now, so many choices before me, and not clear answers  on which way to turn. Time is running out and choices will have to be made. The crazier it gets the more I immerse myself in my art. Both to keep myself calm and feel the happiness art brings me and to trigger those problem solving skills that are definitely right brain activities. Like art which is right brain, problem solving skills are also right brain. I can honestly say that my biggest obstacle is fear. I do not trust myself to make the right decision, it seems so many of my choices have led to more problems. I am tired now and am seeking relief. Unfortunately, that does not mean my struggles are over, wanting something and getting it are generally two different beasts!

At this point in my life caution is definitely the rule of the day. Impulsiveness, which has always been my way, is now retired, and that worries me as well. Because, the truth of it is that sometimes being impulsive can lead to good things. I feel like I am taking a huge exam, and this one could change my life forever, for good or ill. It is a timed test and time is running out, so a choice has to be made, and I do not know the right answer. Today I will paint, and hope, and pray that somehow in all of this I can find my answer, and that the answer I choose is the right one! Searching my soul, my heart and my mind, while I work to complete my newest artwork. I will work also to find the answer to the next path I choose in life. Wish me luck ( the good kind), I need it!

Time is ticking away at me, and I have lots to do before the sun sets for the day. The lottery jack pot is not mine as of yet, and I have been working on a thought to do some good in this world, while I can. I truly want to give back in some way, since money has ever been a hardship for me, I must find another way. A plan has been formulating in my mind for quite sometime, and I must fix on it and make it happen. As I work out the smaller details and move forward I will be sharing with you, it does have to do with charity, and there are several that are dear to my heart.  I believe my choices are at hand, and my wishes for my destiny in art are not about me, but to help others with the gift I have been given. Send me your good will, and I will work hard on making you proud to know me. That I can promise! Sending you all my love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Dreaming Of Sunflowers!

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Well, still working on the sunflower painting. Been tough, my neck has been really bad lately, but I am off to do as much as I can right now! Wish me luck, I need to gt this one done and get on with something else. It has been a busy day so far, Fridays always are, running to the bank, paying bills, and answering calls, etc… I have some laundry as well to do, and some cooking. I am going to do the art show tomorrow, so I have to get as much done today as possible to be able to spend the day there. I will say my new sign up, on eHow is really going well. Other than the usual online creeps, I am meeting some really nice people. They seem to be very helpful as far as running an online business and just general advice on how the site works. It is really refreshing to meet so many helpful and considerate people in one place.

Business remains slow at this time. But today I am also planning on selling some prints on eBay. I am hoping some will sell it would be nice to make some money this weekend! Also, with fall coming around the corner I am hoping that people will start tier Christmas shopping and all those people that selected items in my shop, as favorites, will actually do some shopping. It would make for a busy, but refreshing holiday for me. it would make me feel like all that hard work was finally paying off. Still no word on a job, nothing temporary or otherwise in the works. i don’t know what they are saying in the news about our recession, but from my perspective and many people I know all around the country, it is still in full running. So many people are finding it it hard to find work these days. It hurts us all. The sooner we as a people can take charge of our lives and financial status the better. It is no secret the people out of work, seem to be in the middle class, and with them out of work, all facets of society suffer, they are and always will be the spenders. With no spending everything is crawling along, and that is bad news for more and more of the middle class. Our system cannot survive with only the poor (being the majority) and the rich (being the minority). The rich don’t spend on enough to keep us all working and the poor cannot afford to spend at all. As more and more of our middle class, slides down into the lower class of spending, we will all find ourselves in a great mess! We must support each other, every little bit counts. No one else is going to save us, we must save ourselves!

Hoping you are having a wonderful day. I am staying on top of things and continue to work and hope that things will finally start to ease up for all of us. The weekend is at the door and I truly hope no matter of your circumstances, that you will enjoy the weekend and your loved ones. sending you my love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Fall Begins

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Busy day, found out about a site that is doing an art contest. So, I have been busy deciding which picture to submit. The contest ends on the 15th of October, so I have very little time to pick one and also, get together a 500 x 500 jpeg image to submit. I am still working on the painting, lots of detail work to do. It all started with an add to my Twitter account. I added this group as a friend after being notified that they added me. When I looked up the site I discovered that they publish art contests, so needless to say I was excited. The first Tweet I saw was for this contest that ends on October 15. So, I got busy right away. I have been getting a hold of friends and family to help me decide which picture to submit. So far I have about six choices, and once I get a list together, I will be posting the pictures on my blog, and give you a chance to vote. The picture with the most votes will be the one listed.

Besides all that, been obviously a day of connecting with everyone, so lots of time on the phone. So much that two of my phones are charging right now. No more phone time for me today, I am done and my neck is too! So, finally I am able to get on here and do my blog for the day. With any luck I will be able to work on my painting for a while, but it is iffy right now. I have the burn going on in my neck and shoulders, not sure if I can lift my hand right now. Next will be some time on the heating pad and some ibuprofen, and hopefully that will do the trick.

Now as for the lottery, no such luck this week, but tomorrow I will be getting tickets for the new week and I can only hope. I have some errands to run in the morning, so not sure when I will be able to post or what will be the adventure for tomorrow, we will have to wait and see! I did check on some work again today and was supposed to get a call back for an appointment next week, no word so far. Hopefully they will call me tomorrow. The search continues, so many things happening at once, only time will tell how it all spins its tale. I am ready and waiting to see how it all works out. I am sure it will be good in the end! Sending out my love to you, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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Summer’s Twilight!

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Well, as the sun goes down today, summer is officially over. It would be ideal for me to wake up in fall tomorrow, but as we all know just because the calender says it is over, does not mean it is really over just yet! But, I will say that for me it was a nice thing to hear, on the news this morning. I am happy that I can now really count the days to cooler weather. I am still working on my sunflower painting. It is really looking good, so far. Hopefully, I won’t disappoint myself and go into over kill. There is always a fine line between not enough and way too much, in art any way. So, wish me luck as I also reach the twilight of this painting. With any luck, I can celebrate the first day of fall, with the final day of this piece of art. I still owe you all, a picture of the drawing I finished last week. I have been really busy, ironic, since I do not have a job. I wonder how I managed before, with a job. It always seems I need another ten or twelve hours in each day, just to stay afloat!

I wonder, does anyone else have this problem? I wish I could skip sleep, that way, I would be able to put to use all those hours of rest. These bodies can be tough on our schedules. Oh well, it is the price we pay to be human. It always seems that there are so many things I still want to do, and always not enough time or money to accomplish it. I guess I will have to live to be very old, or get rich really soon to get it all done. What a quandary.

Business has not improved,and according to the news here, all the food banks are running low on food. It seems,that I am not the only one out of work around here. According to the evening news tonight, the Sevier County food bank has doubled the amount of people needing help. It appears that just getting food is difficult for most people around here. Wishing I had some money or food to give myself, but I am lucky at this point not to be standing in line for a donation myself. i hope that soon, I either get a job, or my art starts selling, so I can be self sufficient myself. I would also, love to be in  a situation to be able to be debt free for once in my life, and be able to help people myself. It hurts me daily knowing so many people in need and not being able to help. This is the downside of being a giver, I guess. Always wanting to be able to help, even when I am unable to help myself. It seems such a shame that some people have so much and give so little to help others. In this economy especially, it would be nicer to see more people who are willing to give back to all the people who made them wealthy in the first place. Just a thought, I am sure some of you think me silly, but I do believe in Karma. If so many have contributed to a given person’s wealth, it should be a priority to give a portion back to those who need it.

Okay, so off the soap box for now. I must go and finish my painting. Tonight is another drawing, so wish me luck! I am sure you have guessed I have not won, or this blog would read very different than it does. I am still waiting. Hoping you enjoyed your last official day of summer and wake tomorrow ready to embrace the first day of fall. Sending my love to you all, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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