And Soon It Begins!

Well, today was a long hot one at the art show, no one but me there, and dead as can be. No sales, obviously plus hot and sweaty. I am tired, still trying to debate if I have enough energy to eat something tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, there are supposed to be several others out there as well ( I hope so). Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. The car shows will not be in town till next week or the week after, I am hoping to be able to go out there on those weekends. I also, have to plan doing a yard sale, very quickly, to liquidate some of my household items. Moving really is not fun, especially with no job, and at this time no car. It really has to get better! The next few weeks will be very busy. Have to find a job, move my stuff, into storage or another home or both, got to find those places first, yard sale and hopefully selling some stuff and artwork as well. The cash will be most welcome!

On another note, I have started a drawing of butterflies for the fund raiser our group is working on, it might take me all weekend to finish, but at least I have begun. It is starting out, kind of cool, and if I can pull off what I see in my head, it should be really nice, it is a big print 18″ x 24″, if memory is correct. Things are really quiet here, no one home but me, relaxing and soothing in a way. Very much looking forward to be past this struggle in my life, really excited to see where it will take me next. A little cautious, and maybe some trepidations, but happy and curious to see the finish line as well. Ready to go work on my drawing, it is hard to stay focused on writing with so much to do! I figure, I was given all this time off for a reason and need to rest up and get ready for the next phase. I will keep you posted and be happy to show the drawing as soon as I complete it.

On the lottery note, I checked my tickets on the way home and won $8, not the big win I was looking for. But, on the upside, it was enough money to play another week for free! Every little bit helps at his point in my life! Wish me luck this weekend, I really do need some good news to go with all the crazy news. I have been told I have windfall luck, in other words, all my luck comes at once. So, I figure with all the madness of not so good news, it is only fair that some really good news is on its way. If only to counteract all the other! Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend, and enjoying life to the fullest. All my love as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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