Car Drama And A Few Other Things

Well, this morning, I called the auto repair shop about my car, just wanted to be updated about what was happening. The gas leak, turns out wasn’t the fuel injectors at all, it was a fuel line at the top of the motor. The problem at this point is locating the part. Apparently, because of the year of my car, it is not an easy part to find, not so common (it is a 91). He is currently shopping around to find this line, and as soon as he can get it, he will be making the repair. The battery light issue, he believes is the alternator, so I have asked him to fix that while he has my car, and the transmission problem turns out was a vacuum hose that was not put back on the car, or fell off during the drive home. His concern was that if I drove it too far, I may have caused damage to the transmission. I only drove it around the block, and even then I drove it slowly, because I knew it wasn’t shifting. For anyone checking in on me, that is the status on my car. Obviously, I am not sure when I will get it back or how much more it will cost, but the good news is she should be good for a while, once this is done.

The job search is none existent, with no vehicle to check on jobs, go to interviews or go to work in, that has been pointless. It does not help either, that I don’t even have a set day for my car to be returned to me. So, I have been spending my time really focusing on me. Taking time to calm myself and realistically narrowing down any options for survival I have at my disposal. The solution to where I am going to live, and how I am going to pay for it all, is bleak. There is at this point only two weeks to get it together and even if I have my car back before Monday and get a job, there is no guarantee, that a check will arrive before I have to be out. Lots of meditating, and praying, and excepting going on around here. Focusing on me and pulling myself together, the better presentation I make, the better of a chance I have at getting work and money. Until, I get my car back, that is my homework.

As for the weekend, it is possible that Sherry will be coming to get me, and I will make another attempt to sell some of my art and crafts this weekend. There is a car show coming into town and a few other events. With any luck at all, it will be busy, and I can make some money, it is much needed here, seems to be more and more like that every day! I just have to hang in there a little longer and things should naturally start going up again. Anything that falls down will go up, so her I wait at the drop, the bounce up is inevitable. Hoping you are having a wonderful day, and that your week is going smoothly, all my love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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2 Responses to “Car Drama And A Few Other Things”

  1. I love you mama. Hang in there. You always have a place with us up here. Please don’t let yourself fall into despair. I’ll call you this weekend.

    XOXO ~Amy

    • I love you too. Hope all is well, still waiting for the car to be fixed, it will be next week sometime. Hope you all have a great weekend. I will be home all day on Sunday and in the evening on Saturday!

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