Officially Grounded!

Well, sorry about the lapse yesterday, it was an adventure. Got up and got all ready to go job hunting. I got online and filled out some applications and sent out resumes. So, after filling out all those, I got ready to leave. I went out started my car and the first thing I noticed was that my battery light was one. It hadn’t done that before and I just replaced my battery within the last year. So, I thought that was weird, then I backed out of the driveway, and then proceeded to go forward, and all of a sudden the car started making rattling noises, like a chain clanking in the transmission. That scared me, so I took my foot off the gas and it stopped. I got to the stop sign by my house and thought well I will take it into the shop again. I turned my car in the direction of the shop and as she wound up to shift gears, it started winding up and up and never shifted, then the rattling sound came back. At this point I got really scared, so I turned back into my sub-division, and continued to the house. I got home and woke up my room mate to have him check it out.

He got out of bed and went out to check the car all the way saying, she was running great when I brought her home from the repair shop yesterday. He had said that to me, and I emphasized the point that I had not driven her since she was brought home, till that very morning and she wasn’t acting fine at all. So, he checked her out, drove her down the street a little and became very concerned. Once home we called the repair shop to tell them what was going on. He gave us the number of a towing company and said he would pay for the tow. He said he would look at it and see what damage was caused by his shop and take care of that as well as see if anything else was wrong with her. An hour later the tow company came and when they took her onto the truck, my driveway was covered with oil and radiator fluid! Sorry to say, I think he had his work cut out for him. I am certain the young man who actually worked on it, did not have a good day yesterday and maybe not today either. The moral of the story is I am officially grounded, no job  hunting, nothing proactive to do right now to fix the mess I am in. Now it is all about a waiting game, so no excuses today I will do some artwork, while the opportunity is here!

No lottery winnings as yet, need it more than ever. Keep your fingers crossed, I am not turning down a miracle at this point. for sure! Hoping your week if fairing better than mine is at this point, it would make me very sad indeed to know anyone else was, going through this as well. Have a happy day, sending you my love, Diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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  1. A+ would read again

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