One Down, Two To Go!

Well, just got off with the auto repair shop. It seems that the gas leak mysteriously disappeared when they got it into the shop area. They could smell the gas, but could not pinpoint the source of the leak. They replace all the seals and are currently putting her back together, so she should be ready to go soon. It will take a few days for the smell of gas to dissipate, but after that if I still smell fuel, I will have to bring her back in to have the fuel injectors replaced. With any luck at all this will fix the problem, it is a “91 model, and surely the seals have deteriorated in that time. Hopefully the injectors are still in good working order. That would be a blessing, since I have had no word on a job offer as yet.

I certainly hope that an offer is on the way, quickly, time moves on and it will be no time till time will be up for me to have one. I am hoping beyond hope that I get a call today, my nerves and finances are at stake. I keep talking to my phone, and telling it to call me, so far it hasn’t worked! But, I have every confidence that it will, it has to. My car is home by the way, $100 cheaper than anticipated, and she is running like a race car. I am going to have to learn to drive her again, the man who took her and picked her up says, just touching the gas, she wants to spin-out. Even better news, no gas smell! So, hopefully her troubles are over for a little while, I am so happy about that. Now the cherry on top would be that job offer I am praying on! That would make this a celebration day for sure! Keep up those prayers and good wishes, my ulcer can only take so much more.

In other news, still at a painters block with my painting. Sorry to say that with all these stresses right now, I am having a difficult time concentrating. Unfortunately, concentration is mandatory to paint. So, good job news would help me get back on track and a day or two notice would give me time to finish it, before I have to go to work. If not, I am accustomed to working under pressure, and it is possible, it would just be nice not to feel so under pressure. Plus, since my nerves are all wired, my hands keep shaking, not a good way to do detail work of any kind! Hopefully you had a wonderful weekend, and your work week has started out in a great way as well! Wishing you all the best, and thanks for checking in, all my love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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