The Hermit’s Day Off!

Well, today the hermit took a day off. I was actually social today and went to go visit my friend Sherry and her husband, Charlie! It was nice to get out of the house and hang out with some one besides myself for a change. Getting used to being all alone at home is going to be strange for sure, but I have every confidence that once I have a job and a busy working it will be less of a strange thing. We ate, a change for me, right now my belly is so full, I feel sick. Not used to having so much food in one day. Guess that is a compliment to the chefs, they both cooked today. Excellent food and even better company. We watched the movie Furry Vengeance, it was really funny, we laughed a lot! Charlie missed some it, it seemed a nap was what he wanted today. Which is all good, we should all do what we love, when we have time off! For breakfast he cooked pancakes, and for dinner Sherry made hamburgers and fries, plus home made pickles. I am stuffed to the gills!

I am home now, and bound and determined to get some artwork done. Concentration has been in short supply, due to all the stresses lately. That really stinks for me, art is my only real outlet, so I need to be able to relax enough to work. On the other hand not too much, so that I feel exhausted and want to fall asleep. Last night was full of fitful dreams, and many moments of wakefulness. Which means today I am tired already and it is still early! Got to tough it out, way too early for bed, and too late for a nap, since this will only ruin tonight’s rest.

On a lighter note, no lottery windfalls this weekend, and tomorrow, my car will go into the shop ( gas leak fix and oil change). I have today’s newspapers to do some job hunting tomorrow, and get ready to hit the streets on Tuesday. Got to get a job asap! Still hoping for the factory job I went to for an interview earlier this week. Not that I love factory work, but I do love the pay-scale there. It would work comfortably with the bills I have here. So, pray hard it works out for me there, and the rest is just to keep me busy! Hopefully, they will call tomorrow and I can start on Tuesday, what a a relief that would be for my nerves. Still fighting them, the anxiety comes and goes. Right now, I am feeling anxious, so I have to get myself under control again, that will work for a while and then they crop up again. But, it is getting better everyday, so far. The main key is getting to work, so it will go away for good! Hope you had a pleasurable weekend, sending you my love, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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