Fun Application!

Just got back from filling out an application at a restaurant-bar here is town. Coolest application ever. No bunch of information on back ground stuff, very general. It was fun because one of the questions was, what is your favorite place you have been too and why? Plus, on the back it had an empty box, that instructed you to draw a picture! It took just minutes to fill out the application and longer to fill out the drawing. I can honestly say, I have never had so much fun filling one out! I thought is was great because, it gave me a chance to express a little about my personality in the process. Versus a bunch of dead information, that most employers really don’t even read. They glance them over, glance you over and out the door you go, with some generic comment like ” We are just taking applications at this time!” or “We really aren’t hiring right now, but I will keep you in mind!” or “We just ran this add, and need time to process all the applications we have.” or “We’ll get back to you.” or “We just hired some one today, we need to see how it works out.” or “I have to check with the owner first, to see what he is hiring for.” or ” Thank you for the application, we will call you, once we’ve had a chance to look it over.” Which all amounts to mostly b.s.

I realize, some people and only some actually mean it when they say it. The majority however, are nicely saying “F— Off!”. It is harsh, but unfortunately true. I am not saying that if someone walks into your business, disheveled, unkempt and not properly clean, that you should say ” Dam, could you take a shower and get dressed, You are in public!”. On the other hand, it seems like, “We prefer that you come in ready for an interview at the time you fill out your application.”. I am sure there are some people who would not get the hint, and I am also sure, that if you have to tell them, you probably don’t want them. First impressions do mean a whole lot. I am also very sure that in my case this is not the issue. I do believe, that in my case, Age is against me, and I have put on a few pounds. So, in that sense, I fear appearance is biting me in the big behind right now. I just hope some one can look past it and give me a chance. Once I start working the weight will fall off, and my age is only a number. I can still run circles around most younger people! Plus, I am very smart and say to get along with. Not sure everyone can say that!

Okay enough of the rants for today!. Just a quick note, not lottery winnings last night. Hopefully tonight’s drawing will be better. No word on any of the applications or jobs I have checked on, yet. Business is still brutally slow, I do miss going to the art show, even though is was not making me money, it was great to be out there and the hopes of future sales was a real high for me. The weather is still really hot and today is looking like rain. No other updates, that I can think of at this time. Hoping you are having a wonderful day, all my love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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