Sleepless In Sevierville!

Wow, what a long night! Tired as I was, my nerves would not let me sleep. Today, I had to show up for my interview looking like the walking dead! Other than that I think it went well, but will have no word on it for about a week! I truly hope God has mercy on me, and I hear back sooner than that. I need to relax for a minute and breath, that is what Sherry recommends! She is very sweet, now if only I can convince my brain that it is in its best interest to just chill. I have a feeling that, it is easier said than done. I wish I had a cocktail, to sooth my nerves right now, and a bubble bath, that I can manage. I think also, that the Dali Lama will be joining me in the tube. Let my brain stay busy absorbing some good techniques on meditation and letting go. A brain work out to calm and peace. Hope it works, I need to calm down for sure, such an excitable girl today! The good news is I haven’t lost my sens of humor. It could be worse. I need to absorb the fact that right now I have electricity, a bubble bath and a quiet place to enjoy it all.

Last night due to my frazzled nerves, I was unable to concentrate on artwork. It being my only release, it is mandatory that I manage some how today. So, after my relaxing bath, that will be my next goal for today. The group is awaiting butterfly pictures, and I am also waiting to see what I can create! I love them, and can only hope that I can do them justice! As I promised on the weekend, I am posting some pictures from Sherry and my adventure into the mountains over the weekend! Hope they do wonder and justice to the beauty we experienced there. It was a great day! Made even better by the company of a fellow artist, nature lover and genuinely wonderful human being. She is the newest of a small group of people who have been trying thier best to keep me sane, in a chaotic moment in my life! hank you to all of those wonderful people who really do value me and my heart. These are the real life, every day heroes, that do not get enough gratitude for their efforts in keeping love alive. They are the foundations to those who are in ground shaking moments, their love and patience, helps to keep those shaky constructions from toppling over! Sending you all my love, respect and heart felt thanks! Hope you are blessed today in great ways for your great deeds!

For those of you reading today, take a moment to thank those people who have been your strength when, you felt yourself collapsing under the pressures of life. They deserve it, just as you do for all the times you came to some one else’s aide. For them, I will thank you myself today. Thank you for all your love and concern, your ability to recognize pain and suffering. Your willingness to put aside all your problems for a moment and help some one else steady their feet. Hoping God, karma, the universe recognizes you today with unlimited blessings, for you so deserve it! All my love to you all, and never forget your impact on the world. Those little things really do help, not just in small ways, like a ripple in a pond. The rings of love spread wider and farther than you can imagine. Love always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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