Next Chapter Begins!

Well, this week started out with a bang. I was feeling very under the weather last night and today. My room mate is giving me a 30 day notice to leave, so now I am hunting desperately for a job! I do have an interview tomorrow, I need to get this job. So, wish me luck, like no other time. I am in a hyper-speed mode to get things on track! So, how is your Monday going? With any luck, it is starting of less insane than mine is. I must have faith, that tomorrow I will be working and can continue to make ends meet. It is amazing how fast life can go into a new place, with no warning or inkling of major change.

So, I guess today is the first day of a new chapter in my life. I really hope this is all taking me closer to the day, when my art can sustain me. Being independent is what I love the most, so that is freeing to me. So, even though I am a little scared, I am really excited to see where I will end up next. Being sick yesterday, I did not get much done as planned, and today, I need to get all my ducks in a row, because I am hoping to have a job to go to, asap. That will take up a lot of my time, especially with overtime. It is funny how things work out. I have been praying for more independence, and here it is.  had hoped it would be more like, I had the job first, but maybe I already do. No news on the big win of lottery yet. There will be drawings tomorrow night and Wednesday, as for the  weekend, I did get a couple of numbers, not sure what that will turn out to be. When I get a minute to relax and the next two drawings are done, I will turn it in and find out. I will be sure to update you on that.

Art, has been on my mind a lot. Hopefully tonight I will get to work on the  butterfly work or works, not sure how many this will lead to. I am excited about doing this job, I adore butterflies and flowers. This will be fun for me, and I hope I can land a spot on the calender, I will be sure to keep you posted on that as well. Right now, I am just beat, fighting off whatever is bothering my tummy and sinuses and all that. Better get some rest while I can, I need to be on my A game tomorrow, got to sell myself. Lots of love to you all, as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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5 Responses to “Next Chapter Begins!”

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    • I really don’t play any online games, been too busy trying to financial needs taken care of. I do appreciate the comment and will post it. You never know, maybe some one will read it and be interested in joining as well! Have fun, and good luck with the game!

  2. Pam Utton Says:

    good luck w/your interview, and your bulldogs and your butterfly I’m sure will make it in the book.

    • Thank you so much. I did send you what you needed for the bull dogs, didn’t I? I will be posting some butterflies very soon. Thanks again for reading and for your good wishes.
      Love, Diana

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