Searching For Wonderland!

Well, today is starting out rough. So much on my mind and I have to try to focus, and stay on point. Plus, I need to keep a close monitoring of my time and goals for today. I am sure, I have over scheduled myself, but if I stay focused, with any luck, I can accomplish a lot. Tomorrow, I need to do some job hunting before the art show, and schedule to have my car fixed (gas leek). It just seems that even after last night I am having a hard time shaking off bad habits. I have to let go of the junk. Some things I cannot change, therefore, it is a waste of time to give it any energy or thought. Relationship b.s. will have to be dropped at the roadside, so that I can enjoy a day in my own Wonderland.

It is so hard, especially when some one claims to want the friendship to continue, but you know they are lying about so many things. In my mind, friends don’t have a need to lie about things. They respect each other enough to be honest and if they are not able to discuss something right away, they can easily ask to discuss it at another time. So, reality is hitting me, and I am realizing that friendship is not an option either. It appears things have gone to acquaintances, because, I can honestly say I do not know this person any more. Now I have to let go of that too. Been a strange week or so, letting go of so much and in return taking on so much. If feels like a whirlwind, hopefully it will drop me off in my Wonderland!

Today will be all about laundry, painting, and any other art I can get my hands on. I have tons of housework to do, just not sure how much I can squeeze into the day, especially since I need to get up early in the morning to go job hunting before work. Lots to keep focused on, and lots to release to Karma, just let the natural balances of things take are of the rest! Leave all negative stuff behind and slip through the door to my happy place, and enjoy the beauty around me and in me!

Got a question for you! Wondering for anyone willing to answer. How is your business doing? It doesn’t matter to me if you work for some one else or if you own your own business. Just wondering how the market in your world is holding up. Is business still hard, or slow? Or is yours getting better, improving, a little or a lot? If you can take the time to let me know and the others who read this blog. I think that as a community we need to keep each other real, about how things are out there. The media, is too full of spin, real answers help to keep us focused on our goals. Love to hear from you, hoping your weekend has been and will continue today to be a blast! Sending you my love,  as always, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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12 Responses to “Searching For Wonderland!”

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  5. “I need to keep a close monitoring of my time and goals for today. I am sure, I have over scheduled myself”

    Ha ha ha — that’s exactly what my TOMORROW is going to be! 😛

    Good luck to us both! 🙂

    • Definitely, I gave up one one painting, getting ready to do something else. Finished the laundry and cooking, but still a lot to do! Good luck to you! I am looking for a job, if you need help, i will help you!

      Diana 😉

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