Missing Piece Of The Puzzle!

Well, today was a hot one. Thunderstorms, came by in the afternoon, but they did last long. It helped keep the heat down, I guess, but it definitely increased the humidity. It was a no sale day, Sherry bought a couple of bracelets from me, so that helped a little, but no other costumers. Her shop did pretty good today though, so I am happy for her.

Today I came to a realization, my mind has been racing 240 directions or more lately. It seems so much is happening so fast. On the other hand it seems like nothing is moving as fast as it should be, bit of a quandary. I kept trying to piece it all together and I suddenly thought  , it feels like something is tickling at the edge of my brain and I can’t see it. Like there is a piece of the puzzle missing and it is right in front of me, and I can’t find it. Like not seeing the forest for the trees. That is a maddening feeling, I am sure if I can distract myself long enough, it will jump right in front of me. So, my mission for the evening is to keep myself distracted and hope for the answer to appear.

The main point is I need money asap, and a lot of it. With all the problems I have with my neck, back, arms and hands that is tough. On the other hand, i am over qualified to do menial work,, so I get bypassed. I feel like the answer to this is so close I can touch it, and yet it is completely invisible to me at this time. The problem is not that there are no ideas, it is more like there are thousands hitting me at once. So, one by one, I have to dig through them some are not feasible at this time due to time required or monetary investment. I have many talents, so I have to sort through it all and figure out which ones I can do, how quickly and at the lowest investment cost, but biggest return. That is how I plan to spend the rest of the weekend, doing housework, painting, crafts, and keeping a notepad close by to keep notes of everything hitting me. Researching all possibilities, and doing a realistic list of good options.

First things first, a cold bubble bath to cool off and clean off all the sweat and grime from being in the heat today. Next, get to work and see how much I can get done. Come Monday, the job search will begin, along with doing the art show. A small amount of time to do a lot of work. This is no time for me to be lackadaisical, hopefully one day that will be an option (preferably sooner than later). Wishing you and your a joyous weekend, sending you my love, as always, diana










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3 Responses to “Missing Piece Of The Puzzle!”

  1. The layout of the weblog is absolutely messed up when I look at it in Opera. Plz fix it.

    • I don’t know what Opera is, but I will look at it today and try to do some work on it. If you any pointers, would be happy to give it a try. I do apologize for the trouble this is causing for you.

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