Green Briar Park, Awesome Day!

Well, today was a wonderful day! It was awesome actually, in so many ways! I went to do the show and finally sold a small painting, some bargaining was done and I did not get what I was asking, however it was a sale! Sherry, the lady at the shop also took me on a nice little adventure after work. It is a beautiful park in Gatlinburg. First we went to the National Park in Gatlinburg, unfortunately the road to the mountain top was closed, so we went on to Green Brier and drove through there. It was a wonderful drive, so serene and relaxing. It was also a great opportunity to take some beautiful pictures.

Ironic really, I took my camera today to be able to take some pictures of my bracelets for my online shops. It was a total coincidence that I had it with me today! Oh, and by the way, won $12 on the lottery drawings this week too! Not the big win, but it was nice non the less. So back to our trip to the mountains, after we arrived at the second park, things got really interesting. We found not one, but a whole flock ( not sure if this is the right term), of butterflies! Beautiful yellow and black ones. Once I get the pictures downloaded, I will be sure to share them with you. Tomorrow I will be dropping off the pictures at Walgreens, some of them need lightening up. So with any luck they will be on here tomorrow night. Later we found a small blue and black butterfly that even landed on Sherry’s leg, so cool. It followed us all through the park. Everywhere we went it was sitting in the path in front of us. It was the same one, it had a small piece missing out of it’s one wing. Funny thing is, that the group I am involved with is doing a drive for butterfly pictures to make a calender to raise money for The Lupus Foundation! Maybe it was a little hint, guess I need to get to work on a nice butterfly painting!

Also, had a couple of weird pictures with fog in them, not sure what that was about, but we retook them and they were fine. Could have been a camera glitch, or maybe a spirit, whatever it all means, I do not know. I know, even if it means nothing in the great scale of things, it was a wondrous day for me. A day full of wonder and adventure and hanging out with a fellow adventurer and kindred spirit. I can’t say for sure, but I do believe Sherry had a good time too. I know I am truly grateful, she felt inspired to take that little trip today, it was just a glorious way to finish off a good day! I will go to bed tonight thanking God we found each other. It always seems that when things get dark, some kind of light shines its’ way into the cracks of the darkness. For this and so much more I am very grateful today! Got to get into the shower now and clean up, and if I am not too tired maybe some painting before bed. All my love to you all and all those you love as well. As always, Love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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  1. wats up man hows it going

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