A Renewed Aquaintance And New Hopes!

Well, today was another hot and penniless day at the Art Show. It was a good day for me in many other ways. First and foremost, one of the women that owns a shop near by had come by the other day, and Sherry referred to her as Elizabeth, but she really reminded me of a friend I met once, but spoke to many times online, and her name was Victoria. I knew her and her husband Al, very nice people, met them about a year ago. They came into a shop I was working in at the time, to meet me. Anyway, I blew it off. So, today a man was hanging around the shop for over an hour and Sherry and I went out to see what he needed. Turns out he is waiting for Elizabeth to come by. She was late, so we all chatted for a while. Found out the owner of the shop was named Victoria, Sherry had messed up on her name. When she did arrive, we only had a minute to chat, but she remembered me too! It was nice to see her again, and it appears I will be seeing more of her in the future.

Was happy to hear from one of my best friends today, Rhonda. It made me cry, I was so very happy to hear her voice. I miss her so much. We had some time to chat about half and hour, but no matter how short the time, the meaning of that call is endless. She is a beautiful person, and very close to my heart. Now, I am checking on a few jobs online and gong to get busy working on some artwork. Still working on the landscape I started last night. I got some great tips from Sherry, hopefully this will help me get a jump start on some local art sales, and even better maybe online as well. Wish me luck! It really isn’t my thing, so many people are doing it, I feel less unique, but if that is what they like, I am game, especially if it makes it possible for me to make money. Money I need for bills and to keep me making art too! Trying my best to focus on work and not let myself feel bad about the little turn abouts in my life again. It will be great to finally be making money again and standing on my own two feet again. I never have been good at being dependent, and apparently that is a good thing, since I have never had that luxury.

So many doors creeping open, not sure which one will open all the way. But I am racing down that hallway, and peeking in all of them! Hopefully with enough time to leave my mark. With any luck this will be enough for me to walk into one, and it will be the one that carries me onto the next phase in my life. Even better if it creates a chance for me to be the artist I always wanted to be! Any ideas? Go ahead ans leave a post with your insight, or suggestions, I will gladly contemplate them! Hoping you are having a wonderful week. All my love to you as always, diana










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