Landscapes Of Green!

Well another brutally hot day today! No customer to speak of, so I made it an early day. Tomorrow, according to the news cast is going to be 110 degrees Celsius, with the heat index, way to hot for this chick! So, hopefully I can spend the day working on some art and also catching up with my online presence. I feel like I have been neglecting it and all of you as well. Today, I brought my paints out to the show, good intentions on getting some pointers on painting landscapes, I have never done one. But with that heat my paint would have dried before I could have gotten it on the canvas. I did ask the lady at the store, who does do them and recommended, I try some, for a few pointers. So, beginning tonight, I am going to take a brush to canvas and give it a go. Wish me luck on that. Hopefully between tonight and tomorrow I will be able to get a couple done and still have time to keep up with my internet obligations.

Sherry (the lady at the store) said she used to go to the parks and paint. People would come by and watch her, because she was not allowed to sell at the public parks, she would make arrangements with her prospective customers to meet up outside of the park at a later time to close the sales. I would love that, I used to go to the park all the time to paint and I never thought of selling anything, silly me! Here in the mountains the pictures of choice tend to be mountain landscapes. Practice makes perfect as they say (whoever they are), so practice is on the schedule for the next day and a half.

The car will not go into the shop until Friday and hopefully will be fixed on Friday evening, so things will get easier. I have a ride to get me to the art show on Friday lined up, so that day I will be able to participate. This is a good thing, because Sherry is posting an ad in the paper on Thursday. The weather for the last four days of the week calls for thunderstorms, this could be good or bad. I am hoping it will cool things off enough to get some people out and about town, with any luck the storms won’t start till late in the day and it will be overcast all those days. Relief from the heat wold be greatly appreciated by me and I am sure a few others as well. Lottery drawing will be held tonight, wouldn’t it be great to wake up a millionaire tomorrow! What a wonderful wake up call that would be. Wish me luck! Okay lots more to do tonight, so I better get busy, lots of love going out to you all, as always, love, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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