August Sun And No Where To Run!

Well, got home a few minutes ago from the art fair. I was the only one there today, must have missed the memo. It was hot and none profitable, but it was a good day. The lady who runs this show and I have been able to talk and I am learning so much. More ideas on how to promote my business, not just online, but in the area I live in. She had some great pointers and I volunteered to be her apprentice! Just being silly, but I did tell her I would love to learn what she knows on how to sell here int this area, without paying out a bunch of money ( which if you know me, I do not have any). So happily, like a good little sponge, I absorbed all I could today and consider the learning well worth the time and effort I am putting in. With any luck at all, I will make some money as word gets out. I will continue to try new things and see what I can do to help myself. I am thinking about setting up an easel and doing some painting to attract people to the area as well. Got a few more, but seeing as I am not a joggler, one thing at a time!

I am quite sure part of the reason for the lack of sales and people in general, was the heat. It was a seriously hot and humid day. Hard to breath sitting still hot, so I am hoping as the weather cools, more people will arrive. I do know we have an add coming out on Thursday, however, unless there is some kind of a miracle, I a not sure it will help. I have to put my car in the shop on Wednesday and fear I may not get it back till Friday at the earliest. I am hoping that at least Friday I can be there to see if it helps at all. They are also calling for storms this weekend, so not sure if that will help or hinder our efforts. I know we should have a new artist starting tomorrow, and hopefully the other regular will be back tomorrow (he has taken the last couple of days off). It would be nice to have company. I still have to figure out where I can get some tables, cheap! I have been rigging thins up and borrowing, just to set up. With time all will fall into place. Can’t wait for that day! I am conpletely exhausted and feel so gritty from being out in the heat all day, ready for a nice cold bubble bath to sooth me and cool me.

I did forget yesterday to mention that the print I had on, was a new t-shirt print for my Zazzle store. The print I am publishing today is one I did of my grand-daughter yesterday. It is an older picture of her, and I made it fun, she was always dressing as a fairy for Halloween, so I made her a fairy in the picture too! Her momma liked it and I think it is cute as well, very colorful and fun! Hoping you are having a wonderful day, that is the only way to start out a work week! As always love to you and yours from me, diana!/profile.php?id=100000810145663*

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